Water Filter System Swimming Pools

Water Filter System For Swimming Pools

There are numerous advantages of installing a water filter system in the home, and the swimming pool is not an exemption. Swimming pool filtration helps get rid of the different unseen particles and bacteria and also prevents the proliferation of algae. Quality water in the pool also helps improve the skin and overall health by reducing the risks of certain illnesses.

Types of Pool Filters

The Classic Sand Filter
This is the oldest and least expensive kind of pool filter known for its easy cleaning and filtration. This filter contains a tank with a specific amount of sand based on its size. The tank fills up with water from the pool which passes through the sand and filters out dirt and debris.

The Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filter
This is similar to the sand filter, except that it uses a set of grids or fingers as its medium. It is more costly and complex, so it is not as popular as the sand filter. However, DE filters dirt at a much lower micron level that the sand filter cannot, which makes it a more effective means of filtration.

The Cartridge Filter
This comes in multiple varieties, which includes the single element cartridge filters and multi-element cartridge filters with 2 to 4 cartridges. It consumes less water and it filters out most of the heavy dirt and debris in the pool.

Importance of a Water Filter System for Swimming Pools

Maintains Water Quality
Swimming pools are known to attract various contaminants such as insects, dirt and, microorganisms. The skin is quite absorbent and on exposure to moisture, it absorbs faster. Over time, with the use of a contaminated pool, the skin would absorb debris. Using a pool filter will help maintain high-quality water in the pool to ensure it is free from debris and dirt.

Ensures Maintenance of Pool Devices
The build-up of debris in the pool could damage pool devices faster but with a water filter system installed, the smallest debris or pathogen cannot get through. This helps keep your pool working effectively for a longer period of time.

Improved Health
The right kind of water is important for health and this isn’t limited to drinking alone. While swimming, your skin absorbs the water in the pool, and if it is not pure, it also takes in the contaminants. This can be prevented with a water filter system in place.

The best filter system for your pool is based on the size, the capacity of dirt to be filtered, and most importantly, your preferred level of maintenance as well.

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