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Difference Between the Water-Cooled Chiller and Air-Cooled Chiller

Chillers are the best options available ever to fight against the scorching summer heat. The hot and unhygienic air trapped inside make you feel exhausted, dehydration, sweat a lot, induce health problems and build certain allergies. Having Chillers can be a remedy to these issues. A Chiller constitutes a closed system where the air inside a room or space is cooled by the technique of evaporation and condensation.

There are two types of Cooler Systems, namely Air-cooled chillers and Water-cooled chillers. Here are the differences between these two types of Chillers in terms of following factors:

Air-cooled chillers use air to dehumidify the area and the Water-cooled chillers use water to make the place cool. In an Air-cooled chiller, the air in the surroundings lets the condensers get cooled. However, the Water-cooled chillers consist of condensers cooled by water.

An Air-cooled chiller is generally used in small to medium installations, while the modular type can be used even for large installations. The condensers are connected to the cooling tower. Water chillers are generally preferred for medium to large installations.

Air Cooler System Dubai

Usage Condition:
Air-cooled chillers can be used when the availability of water is less or it is not affordable to use the huge volume of water for cooling purposes. Water-cooled chillers are the best options when there is sufficient water for the operation to perform. Water chillers are ideal to be used under varied temperature conditions. This is required in big industries and digital system cooling purposes, to prevent getting affected by the fluctuations in temperature caused by the heat-producing equipment.

Space of Operation:
Air-cooled chillers can be effectively used in open spaces, rooftops, and ground. On the other hand, Water-cooled chillers require mechanical rooms, condenser pumps, and cooling towers, though they are smaller in size.

Unit Spacing:
The major disadvantage of Air-cooled chillers is that they have recirculation problems if the units are not spaced. If your unit has not enough air to use for cooling, then Water coolers will be the best alternative to go for.

Water Cooler System Dubai

Operational Noise:
Air-cooled chillers have fans that make more noise. Whereas, the Water-cooled chillers work with very little noise and are the best options while considering the operations with fewer disturbances.

Maintenance and efficiency:
Air-cooled chillers are economical in terms of maintenance required. However, they have less lifespan. They are less efficient and don’t require condenser pumps or cooling towers. Water Chillers, to the contrary, are highly durable and work perfectly with maintenance.

If you would ask, which chiller, Air-cooled or Water-cooled is best, then there is no typical answer. Their application should be considered to determine which chiller works best for you. It is highly recommended to have good research before purchasing a Chiller for your business or domestic purposes.

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