Dubai Tourism

Dubai Tourism

Dubai is a place where warmth, tradition and modernism blend perfectly. Dubai is one among the few cities of the world, experienced a quick transformation to one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Now Dubai is considered to be the gateway to the east and west. Dubai is best among trading, tourism and logistics.

For the tourist there is always something new and different in Dubai. Each day Dubai is on constant move, striving for better facilities and comfort, and hence attracting the world to Dubai, the nucleus of the Arabian Gulf. Undoubtedly Dubai is the destination of the 21st century. Currently the emirates revenue from tourism is increasing and successfully managed to build up a strong economy through tourism. Dubai Shopping Festival made Dubai a global brand. For this one month long shopping bonanza, DSF, the world is coming to Dubai for shopping and entertainment. Since the DSF has started , Dubai welcomed millions of visitors and they spent billions of Dollars in shopping mall, airlines, accommodation and entertainment. DSF plays an important role in boosting Dubai tourism and thereby the emirate’s economy. Following this Dubai Summer Surprises, GITEX and the coming World Expo 2020, hope to happen in Dubai all will develop Dubai’s tourism industry.

Dubai possesses ancient and modern attraction s for the tourist. Many shopping malls, big bus tours to get around Dubai, boat bus, dessert safari, dhow cruise, water parks, beaches, worlds biggest tower Bur Khaliffa, Worlds highest Hotel WH Marriot Hotel, many other skyscrapers, under water zoo and biggest aquarium, Dubai Zoo are all attracting the whole world to Dubai and is established as the top tourism spot in the world.

Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing is the organization for the tourism development in Dubai. Its main responsibility is marketing the tourism of Dubai and is the authority of planning, supervision and development of Dubai’s Tourism sector. Most glittering thing among the tourism in Dubai is shopping and getting around in Dubai. Referring the most recent survey Dubai is the most popular shopping destination in the world backing Paris, London etc. Tourist accommodation is also available on plenty and quite expensive as most branded groups are spotted in Dubai. Dubai Taxi is third best taxi services in the world.

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