RO System Antiscalant Chemicals

Choose The Best Antiscalant Chemicals for RO Systems

Due to the high level of salt formation, the water becomes too viscous to pass through the Reverse Osmosis system. It results in water clogging and reduced efficiency. Anti-scaling helps in reducing the scale formation inside the RO membranes.

The scaling is generally done at the back-end of the unit where there is a lot of wastewater. In a small unit, you can reduce the scale formation by using base-exchange softening, but for the larger RO system, the process proves to be expensive. Acid dosing is another method that can help to reduce scaling, but it introduces a lot of hazardous chemicals to the water.

It is because of these reasons; Antiscale system has become popular. This technology reduces the salt concentration from water so that when they enter the unit, there is no formation of scale on the membrane.

There are many Antiscalants are available in the market like;

Poly shield 400
This Antiscalant is not expensive and inhibits the formation of a wide range of foulants like calcium carbonate, silica and iron.

Poly shield 300
It is a polymeric RO inhibitor that reduces the formation of chemicals like calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate.

What are the benefits of using RO chemicals?

With the right pre-treatment, and by using right RO Antiscalant Chemicals, you can give your Reverse Osmosis System long years of life. However, you should use this technology appropriately; otherwise, it may result in membrane replacement, which comes at a high cost. To keep the RO plant running efficiently, a wide range of Antiscalants and Chemicals are available in UAE market. These chemicals lower down the process of fouling, and it helps to improve the performance of the RO System.

How does the process work?

In a RO System, the water is pushed through the membrane, but the minerals are not able to pass through it, and hence they stay behind. For example, we all know there are a lot of minerals inside the water, and when they pass through the unit, they can make a substantial spot. It leads to clogging of water inside the RO system. Hence, it is essential to inhibit the scales inside the unit to make it function smoothly.

Using the wrong Antiscalant, will reduce the efficiency of the RO System and will lower down its performance. However, by adding the correct amount of dose to the RO System, the scaling problems can reduce to a great extent. The modern-day computer models can help to determine the scaling inside the membrane and can recommend the right Antiscalant and dosage.

RO Antiscalants require low antiscale chemical doses that can work along with other chemicals. These Antiscalants are safe to handle and are environment friendly. The technology is highly beneficial and helps to maximize the efficiency of the RO system membranes; if you use it cautiously.

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