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  • 100 GPD RO Membrane

    We offer a high-performance and efficient flow rate 100 GPD RO membranes in Dubai, ensuring a steady supply of purified water for various household applications for drinking and cooking. It will Removes a wide range of contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, pesticides, fluoride, other harmful substances, and delivering water that meets stringent quality standards.

    Choose from our range of RO membranes with capacities up to 100 Gallons per Day (GPD), providing the solutions for domestic and commercial applications with all sizes.

    • Remove chemical contaminants
    • High salt rejection
    • Low energy consumption
    • Optimum performance
    • Easy to install
    • High strength
  • 150 GPD RO Membrane

    The 150 GPD RO Membranes are typically designed for residential or light commercial use. It is commonly used in domestic RO water purification systems to provide reliable source of clean drinking water. The 150 GPD capacity is suitable for meeting the daily water consumption needs of a standard household.

    • High filtration capacity
    • Effective contaminants and salt removal
    • Cost-effective solution
    • Thin-film composite (TFC) technology
    • Low energy consumption
    • Easy installation
  • 2 Ton Water Chiller for Home

    Experience the quality-centric, efficient, and energy-saving functionalities of our 2 Ton Water Chiller System forged to withstand extreme climatic conditions. Resolve the challenges you face in having access to cool and hygienic water with our exceptional water cooler systems. Being the prominent Water chiller supplier in Dubai, UAE, we unravel your concerns in getting access to the quality-specific water cooler systems.

    • Ease of installation and maintenance
    • Portable and compact design
    • Controllable Time delay switch
    • Energy efficient
    • Anti-corrosive properties
  • 2 Stage Villa Water Filter

    Ensuring the availability of Clean and Hygienic water for your villa is no longer a big deal! Enrich your lives with clean and clear water for your households with our exceptional 2-stage Whole House Water Purifier in Dubai. Let all your water dispensers such as toilets, kitchen, faucets, showers, laundry, etc. gift you the best experience with fresh and filtered water.

    Safeguard for your health, household and water dispensers with high-end water filtering systems. The 2-stage Whole House Water Purifier Dubai removes the core contaminants from the incoming water and provides hygienic water for all your household uses. Get pure water that removed harmful particles like rust, sand, dust, chlorine, turbidity, chemicals, bad taste, odors, and organic solvents, to lead a healthy life.

  • Stainless Steel 3 Tap Water Cooler Dubai

    We adopt a bespoke approach in providing best quality, power-efficient 3 Tap Water Cooler Dispensers that meet global standards and ensure an eye for detail considering the ultimate water cooling solutions. Our affordable, stylish, and safe water coolers offer you a smart cooling solutions for offices, schools, mosque, parks, labor camps etc.

    We maintain strict measures to keep in line with the most modern technological trends and offer the best cooling solutions with ultimate commitment in fulfilling the need for a permanent solution against the unbearable heat in hot weather. This  3-Tap Stainless steel water coolers are specially designed to bear extreme temperature and humor conditions. Being the supplier of the best water coolers across Dubai, UAE, we make sure that you get adequate cold and clean water, anytime. The water cooler and water dispenser systems are coming with 5-year warranty and let you experience utmost comfort with the innovation and adoption of the latest stylish design.
    Available in 35 Gallon, 45 Gallon and 65 Gallon capacities.

  • 3 Ton Water Tank Cooler Dubai

    Enjoy the quality of clean, chilled, and secure water from our exceptional energy-efficient 3 Ton Water chillers / Water Tank Cooling System. Cool yourself with our thirst-quenchers and experience the quality of precise water cooling operations. Get our unique and remarkable Water Chiller System for your Home, Villas in Dubai, UAE and bring your life the purest touch with high-end chilled water.

    • Easy to install and maintain
    • No disturbance caused to the existing plumbing systems
    • Amazing portability and great build
    • Time delay switch that can be effectively controlled
    • Power-efficient feature
    • Corrosion-resistant
  • 3 Stage Villa Water Filters

    Unlock your comfort of getting access to the hygienic, clean and filtered water at your home with our 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System in Dubai, and feel clean and odorless water throughout your home with no compromise in the water pressure. Get it connected to your main water line, enjoy the cleanest and healthy water through all the water dispensers – toilets, baths, showers, faucets, kitchen, laundry, to ensure protection and utmost comfort to your family!

    • Reduces chlorine taste and odour
    • Filters dirt and sediment
    • Softens your water
    • Reduces ferrous iron
    • Feel the softness of your skin and hair
    • Make your dishes sparkle and shine
  • 4 Tap Stainless Steel Water Cooler Dubai

    Being one of the most trusted suppliers of tropicalized 4 tap water coolers in Dubai, UAE, we offer versatile water cooling solutions that can let you keep your body hydrated all the time under extreme temperature rise. We provide top-notch water coolers that are specially developed to confront the impact of the humid climate that exists in tropical countries, with the availability of cool and hygienic water round the clock.

    Our 4-tap water cooling system consists of copper tubing that surrounds the tank which is enveloped with an Aluminium conductive material to make the heat transfer mechanism smooth and hassle-free. Whether it be a gathering, meeting, or your purposes, our energy-efficient water coolers can let you experience outstanding cooling solutions anywhere anytime. With high-end cooling technology and excellent quality build, our coolers dispense safe, clean, and hygienic chilled water as an ultimate solution to your healthy life. Suitable for factories, offices, schools, university, hospitals, mosque, parks, labor camps etc.

  • 5 Tap Stainless Steel Water Cooler Dubai

    We offer the most innovative and high-on-demand 5 tap Stainless Steel Water Cooler / dispenser designed to be effectively utilized under tropical humid climates of Middle East countries. This energy-efficient water cooling solutions can let you stay rejuvenated and super-active all day long, with ease of access to pure, safe, and hygienic cold water. Our exceptional water coolers can endure extreme humidity and keep you hydrated, thereby contributing to good bowel movement and active body functioning. We cater to the domestic and commercial water cooling requirements, and supply power-efficient 5-tap water coolers to our trusted customers across Dubai, UAE.

    Suitable for factories, offices, schools, university, hospitals, mosque, parks, labor camps etc.

  • 5 Ton Water Chiller System

    As the summers are severe and create drastic changes in the human body, with the issues contributed by the high temperature, it can pave the way to huge health problems for your skin and body, and undesirable results in-household processes. It is perfect when you have a Water Chiller System for tank designed for multipurpose household uses helping you to get continuous chilled water supply 24×7. Being the most credible and renowned water chiller supplier in Dubai, we cater to your accessibility to clean chilled water with extensive assurance to the global standards.

    • Anti-corrosive functionality
    • No disturbance to the existing plumbing system
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Easy to Regulate time delay switch
    • Power-efficient
  • RO Drinking Water Purifier Dubai

    Advanced Multi-stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking water filter system.
    6 Stage 100 GPD, Drinking RO water filter designed to tackle most of the water pollution problems. This RO filter system is made in modular form to treat individual pollutants including sediment, taste odor, organic chemicals and salts. Suitable for apartments and villas in Dubai.

    • Fresh, sweet and water for drinking & cooking
    • Fresh water from the tap
    • One-time investment, Life-long savings
  • 6 Stage RO drinking water purifier

    We present wide range of Drinking water purifiers that keep your family healthy and safe from water-borne diseases. The 6 stage RO drinking water purifier eliminates all dissolved solids and provides you clear and pure drinking water from the tap. This 100 GPD, 6-Stage RO Water Purifier comes with a faucet and storage tank; it can easily install under the sink, as its compact design. Our advanced water purifier for drinking can remove metallic or chlorine taste from the water and keep it free from bacteria, chemicals and other harmful materials.

    • 6 stage water purification process eliminates all contaminants
    • Removes 95% of metals and minerals
    • Reduces lime scale build-up in water-using equipment
    • Removes chlorine and other bad tastes and odors
    • Removes dirt, mold and algae
  • 7 Stage RO Water Purifier

    We offer advanced 7-Stage, 100 GPD (Gallons per Day) water purifier for drinking and cooking needs. This RO system used most advanced 7-stage technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet Sterilization, Mineralization and pH balancing.  Our advanced RO purifier offers you a fresh and healthy water from the tap. It can reduce the risk of hypertension or blood pressure problems by having low sodium in the drinking water. Pure and filtered water brings you good health and better life. Buy the best quality drinking and cooking water purifiers from a leading supplier in Dubai for your home is the best gift to your family.

    • 7-stage purification that removes all impurities and toxins to give you high-quality water
    • Eliminates more than 95% of minerals and metals
    • No more limescale build-up in water
    • Neutralizes terrible taste and foul smell from the water
  • RO Membrane Pressure Vessels Dubai

    We offer 8” Membrane Pressure Housing / Pressure Vessels suitable for industrial and commercial RO water treatment plants with highest quality standards. Applicable for municipal water treatment plants, industrial water processing, food and beverages industry, automotive applications, health care water projects and more.

    • Credible simple configuration
    • High strength and durable FRP shell
    • Polyurethane outer coating provides extra protection from environment
    • ABS permeate adaptor
    • Insert plastic permeate port material
    • SS 316 three turn spiral lock ring for easy head assembly
    • One piece moulded lock thrust cone design reduces pressure drop with highest water flow
  • Activated Alumina Supplier

    Activated Alumina

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    Activated Alumina is a highly porous form of aluminum oxide, which uses for effective adsorbent and desiccant, applicable for removing moisture and purifying the products. It is a highly porous form of aluminum oxide that works effectively in a range of conditions. The adsorbent can used to purifying gas streams by the selective adsorption of specific molecules. Activated Alumina also using in water filtration and catalyst applications. We offer high quality Activated Alumina products that feature high mechanical strength, adsorptive properties and resistance to aging.

    • High adsorption capacity
    • Low abrasion
    • Resists liquid water
    • High crush strength
  • Activated Carbon Supplier Dubai

    Activated Carbon

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    Activated Carbon plays a vital role in the process of chemical industries, research centers, toxicology centers, water treatment plants, sewage exhaust and gas purifications. Activated carbon filter can remove odour, chemical toxic gas, smoke and fumes. We supplies various forms of Activated Carbon products as Coconut shell based activated carbon, Wood based and Coal based activated carbons. Activated carbon is one of the best tools which can be used to reduce risks to human health and provide an aesthetically pleasing product at reasonable cost.


    Drinking water purifier, Air Purifier, Commercial and Industrial RO Plants, Municipal water treatment, Agricultural Applications, Food and Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical Injections, Soft drink plant for de-chlorination, Industrial gas purification, Petroleum refineries etc.