Whole Villa Water Filtration System

Water is not safe direct from the tank, because it may contains dirty things including chlorine or other contaminants. Protect your family and kids from unsafe dirty water with an advanced Whole Villa Water  Filtration System and Softener. It can Purify all incoming water to your home.

Water Filter & Softener for Your Whole Home and Family!

  • Reduces chlorine taste and odour
  • Filters dirt and sediment
  • Softens your water
  • Reduces ferrous iron
  • Feel the softness of your skin & hair
  • Make your dishes sparkle and shine


The hard water that comes to your home through the tap it contains dissolved lime, chlorine, iron and other harmful minerals which cause scale to form on all surfaces which come into contact with it – with our whole house water filtration system can remove all these minerals from the tap water and providing safe, clear and best quality water for shower, laundry, washing vegetables etc…

Water described as “hard” is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. Hard water is not a health risk, but a nuisance because of mineral buildup on fixtures and poor soap and/or detergent performance.

A whole-house water softener can filters all the water throughout your villa, apartment and factory in Dubai.Whole House Water Purifier Dubai

Multi Stage Purification

Stage 1: Removes dirt and suspended particles
Stage 2: Removes chlorine, heavy metals, improves taste and odor
Stage 3: Removes hard chemicals and ferrous iron, making water soft and scale free

Soft Water Improves Your Life…

  • Cleaner brighter laundry
  • Make your dishes sparkle and shine
  • Food and beverages taste better
  • Feel the softness of your skin and hair after showering
  • Reduce objectionable chlorine taste and odor in your homes water supply


Hard water contains harmful minerals and chemicals, it with hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium are present in the water high quantity. It will hard to dissolve and make the soap not to lather up, which is a hard situation in everyday life. Washing clothes also will be difficult using hard water as it leaves a messy scum that cannot be washed out easily. Moreover boiling hard water leaves the hard deposits of mineral like magnesium, nickel etc. in kettles, hot water pipes etc. But now with Whole House Water Filtration System can softening hard water is made easy. The whole villa filtration system enabled in water softeners eradicate mineral deposits, and made water soft to make it useful for shower, laundry and other daily activities.Whole House Water Filter Benefits

The Best Water Filtration System for Your Hair and Skin

Have you ever noticed that water of different regions has a different result on hair and skin? Sometimes your skin might look glowy and lustrous and on the other, it might look dull and lifeless. This is because of the different quality of water present in different regions.

Keeps Your Skin and Hair Healthy

The impurities in water make it hard, which is not healthy for your skin and hair. By installing a Whole House Water Filtration System, these impurities are removed, thereby resulting in soft water that can be used effectively for complete cleansing. Soft water also helps improve soap lather, which means you can wash your skin and hair better.

Whole House Water Filtration System is installing to the main pipe line from the tank, just before/after the water storage unit and does not require any excessive plumbing changes. This will help your family benefit from clean, safe water coming from every faucet in the whole home.



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