Water Chiller/Tank Water Cooling System

We offer the best quality Cold water management system supply and installation for Villa or Homes in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi at an affordable price. Our overhead Water Tank Cooler / Water Chiller has a fully automatic circulation water cooling system that can be cool up to 2,000 Gallon tank water temperature.

  • Ideal for villas, homes, restaurants, labor camps, spas etc..
  • No disturbance to existing plumbing systems
  • Easy to install
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy access for maintenance and installation
  • Adjustable time-delay switch


The extreme heat during the summers in Gulf countries leads to rise in a demand for Water Chiller or Tank Water Cooling System for domestic purposes. It also leads to a situation where the water in the tanks gets heated up. The availability of cool water becomes a major concern in the rising temperature. It is important to have a water cooling system in place to provide hygienic cool water. Our solutions help you get the best experience from the expertise and innovation that make your life comfortable. We are committed to Supply and install a Water Cooling System for your villa or house that makes us the providers with the best water tank chiller systems in Dubai, UAE.Water Tank Chiller Process

How Water Cooling System Works

The Water Cooling System will be connected to near the water tank, and there is a cycle of repetition used to facilitate the water flow from the chiller to the tank on your rooftop.
This cycle is stopped when it reaches ambient temperature. It also makes sure that this optimal temperature is maintained by taking care of the frequency.
The Water Tank Cooling System works based on the removal of heat with the thermodynamic principle.
It removes heat from the whole tank water and facilitates the cooling process, and also lets the heat be eliminated from the chiller as well.

Features of Water Tank Cooling System

  • Our Water Coolers adopt a re-circulation feature. Your comfort is ensured by the microprocessor controller that makes remote operations quick and easy.
  • The technology uses plate type heat exchangers that maintain thermal efficiency, and the hydrophobic fins offer ideal corrosion resistance and long-lasting life.
  • The protection against UV rays is ensured with the pure polyester powder coating. Our chiller system comes with perfect construction making it robust and maintaining ideal conduction.

Home Water Tank Chiller System Dubai

Advantages of Water Tank Cooler/Water Chiller

The Tank Water Coolers are easy to install and compact. The major point of attraction of our chillers is the versatility and the reliability in the design.

Another advantage of our Domestic Water Chillers is that they also have overhead water tank coolers. They cool the main reservoir tanks to give you water at an optimal temperature that can be used for household purposes securely.

This way, the domestic Tank Water Coolers provide durable and efficient solutions that cater to your diverse needs of cool water.

Our reliable, efficient, durable, quality assured and compact Water Cooling System serve you the perfect solutions covering all your needs. You can enjoy the ideal cooling experience that adheres to the requirements of domestic, corporate and commercial customers.

We offer high-end integrated Water Tank Chiller Systems with various models suitable for your villas, homes, offices and restaurants in Dubai. Our experts make sure that the Water chillers are customized for varied capacity and tasks, and meet all your demands.

Let our reliable and viable ranges of Water Chillers or Water Tank Cooling System build your living standards and help you thrive under humid and hot climate conditions.

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