Under Sink RO Drinking Water Purifier

We offer multi stage Under Sink RO Water Purifier which can provides safe and healthy drinking water for the entire family in Dubai. This 5-stage RO water purifier comes with a faucet and storage tank. It will convenient with under the sink installation and providing hygienic and healthy drinking water. This multi-sage RO water filter system removes harmful chemicals, salts, unwanted minerals, metals and renders better tasting drinking water from the tap.

Features of Under Sink RO Drinking Water Purifier:

  • Water undergoes intense purification through multi stage purification process
  • All contaminants that harm to health are eliminated from the drinking water
  • Decreases lime scale build-up
  • Removes dirt and mould from water
  • Eradicate all unwanted minerals and metals that can be harmful to health


Benefits of installing under sink RO drinking water purifier for your villa or apartment

  • RO water purifiers are the fastest growing line of products for drinking and cooking.
  • Direct access to pure clean water from the tap for cooking and drinking.
  • Impure water can be treated efficiently with the 5-stage or 6-stage purification process offered by the RO water purifier.
  • All microorganisms that are effectively separated from the drinking water.
  • The water dispensed at the end of the 5/6 stage RO purification is perfectly safe for drinking for adults and children alike.
  • It removes the bad taste and odor from drinking water
  • Water may have more than 2100 types of toxins present in it. A good RO water purifier helps act as a last line of defense against these toxins from entering your body
  • Areas that have scarcity of fresh drinking water, we can use the RO water purifiers for obtain fresh quality drinking water from the tap.

Multi-Stage Water Purification Process6 Stage UV Water Purification

Here are the various steps your water undergoes in order to be treated effectively.

Stage 1: Pre-filtration
A 5-Micron Sediment filter removes large particles of dust, rust, silt, scale and other sediments from the water.

Stage 2: Removal of Chlorine and organic chemicals
Activated Carbon cartridge removes all organic pollutants like Chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and unpleasant taste from the water.

Stage 3: Removal of bad taste and odour
Carbon Block Cartridge removes dust, rust, silt, scale and suspended particles and many organic solvents and improves the taste and odour of water.

Stage 4: Removal of excessive salts & contaminants (RO)
A Thin film composite RO Membrane separates totally dissolved harmful metals, minerals, TDS, and chemicals that polluted in the water.

Stage 5: Remineralization and pH balancing
Ensures Alkaline filter process to re-mineralize pure water making water at a healthy PH level.

6th Stage: Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Lamp
UV Lamp – 99% sterilization and effective control of microbial contaminants like bacteria and viruses.WaterBerrys RO Water Purifier

The Under sink RO water purification system in Dubai passes the source water through multiple stages of filtration. It can produce safe, hygiene, clear and healthy water that doesn’t have any bad odour and taste. The superior quality RO membrane used in the system that can offer a total removal of salt and other impurities in the water. Its compact design makes it easy to install even under the sink suitable for apartments, villas and offices in Dubai.

Contact us for getting high quality  RO drinking water purifiers at affordable costs. These RO water purification systems are more suitable for any household appliances including fridge, coffee machine or ice machine. The under sink water purifier can connect to the kitchen faucet, and produce high quality drinking water for your apartments or villas in Dubai, UAE.


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