Toshiba 6140-14C TCxWave POS System

Toshiba 6140-14C TCxWave by Toshiba is a new breed of retail POS system created to give retailers the freedom to use one platform for multiple purposes throughout the store. TCxWave has the flexibility, performance and distinctive design that global retailers have come to trust from the team that continues to produce the Number 1 store solutions in the retail and hospitality industry.

  • Attractive design complements the brand experience
  • Striking appearance enhances customers’ experience with your brand
  • Wide screen brings new display and interaction opportunities
  • Versatile configuration for a seamless look, customer experience
  • Intuitive touch technology maximizes associate productivity
  • Reliable, retail-hardened design keeps checkout lines moving


TCxWave POS terminal from Toshiba delivers a unique and engaging experience for staff and customers that puts it in a class of its own. Fully functional as a point-of-sale, kiosk or self-service unit, the TCxWave can be positioned in the most logical and advantageous locations without fear of compromising the in-store experience. Developed by award-winning industrial designers, its striking appearance means retailers need no longer hide the POS away in the back of the store but can sit it proudly where it’s needed most. Indeed, the sleek design of TCxWave means it can play a central role in delivering a consistent and positive brand image and experience throughout the whole store.

Distinctive design

  • The stylish design of Toshiba’s TCxWave is based on a distinctive profile that reflects the “thin is in” style of modern consumer electronics: TCxWave is our slimmest POS or kiosk ever.
  • The multi-touch, gesture-based screen is as easy and familiar to use as a smartphone.
  • The widescreen format – the widest format on the market – means staff and customers can see more and do more.
  • The standard screen format is available for environments where space is at a premium.
  • Human factor features include right/left-hand card-swiping and flexibility in possible viewing angles and heights.

Product Specifications

Processor (clock speed, cache):
Intel Celeron Dual Core 3955U (2GHz, 2M) – 6140-14C, E4C
Intel Core i5-6300U (Up to 3GHz, 3M) –6140-145-E45

Memory: DDR MHz 4 GB Standard 32 GB DDR4 Max
Video: Intel Integrated Graphics Device (DisplayPort output)

Projected Capacitive Touch
Technology: 10 point multi-touch
Screen: 15 in 4:3, LED back-lit LCD

Audio: Internal – Realtek ALC231 Optional Speaker kit available
Storage: Up to 2x M.2 Solid State Drives, available in 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 options

Optional Accessories

  • Customer Display (2-line)
  • Customer Display (10″ Graphical)
  • External Customer Display (various options)
  • Fingerprint reader
  • iKey / / Dallas / iButton reader
  • MSR reader
  • Keyboard attachment


Today’s retailers understand that sustainable success depends on delivering a consistent and differentiated brand experience throughout the customer journey. Nowhere is this more important than the place where the majority of transactions are still carried out: the store.

Retailers need point of sale (POS) technology that can support the versatility, style and functionality that a modern store environment demands. That can adapt easily to the changing demands of customers. That can bring new impact to the customer experience. And that can give timely, consistent service to consumers and staff throughout the shopping journey.


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