3 Tap Stainless Steel Water Cooler / Water Dispenser

We adopt a bespoke approach in providing best quality, power-efficient 3 Tap Water Cooler Dispensers that meet global standards and ensure an eye for detail considering the ultimate water cooling solutions. Our affordable, stylish, and safe water coolers offer you a smart cooling solutions for offices, schools, mosque, parks, labor camps etc.

We maintain strict measures to keep in line with the most modern technological trends and offer the best cooling solutions with ultimate commitment in fulfilling the need for a permanent solution against the unbearable heat in hot weather. This  3-Tap Stainless steel water coolers are specially designed to bear extreme temperature and humor conditions. Being the supplier of the best water coolers across Dubai, UAE, we make sure that you get adequate cold and clean water, anytime. The water cooler and water dispenser systems are coming with 5-year warranty and let you experience utmost comfort with the innovation and adoption of the latest stylish design.
Available in 35 Gallon, 45 Gallon and 65 Gallon capacities.


Technical Specifications

  • Number Of Taps: 3
  • Cooling Capacity: 35 Gallon, 45 Gallon and 65 Gallon
  • Storage Tank Capacity: 55 L
  • Outer Body: SS 430-BA
  • Inner Body: SS 304 -2B
  • Compressor: Reciprocating
  • Power Supply: 220 Single Phase 50/60 HZ
  • Refrigerant: R 134 A (CFC Free)
  • Temp Range: 7.2 °C TO 12 °C

Ultimate Cooling Solutions against Scorching Heat

The power of stainless steel, detailed design, and safe-to-drink chilled water, make our 3 tap water coolers highly preferred and reliable amongst the customers in tropical countries.

With great adherence to the global standards, extreme adaptability during hot weather utilizing outstanding heat transfer technology, entrusted and the safety assuring Aluminium conductive compound around the tank in addition to the copper tube.

FDA Compliant Stainless Steel tank & PUF Insulation

We are committed to ensuring a reliable supply of safe cold water with considerable design features backed by the quality and integrity of food-grade stainless steel.

The leak-proof technology and safety measures posed by the product are a result of deep welding and testing techniques carried out before the insulation procedure itself. We supply the 3 tap water cooler and water dispenser with exceptional PUF insulation technology that saves energy and preserves the safety, coolness, and quality of water for long hours, even during a power failure.

Anti-Corrosive & Powerful Design

Our wide range of 3 tap water coolers is popular for its anti-corrosive properties and ability to confront severe climatic conditions, harmful chemicals and chemical solvents, etc.

With extra oxide layer protection, we offer great resistance to the action of corrosion and oxidation. We also provide a heavy and adjustable leg made with plastic, that can let the coolers stand smooth on every surface, regardless of being uneven.

Rapid Cooling Technology

We help you in reducing overall energy consumption while leveraging the best solutions to power up the access to safe and instant cold water and support the heat exchange operations with a top-notch compressor system.

We adopt a powerful build and design along with outstanding cooling operations that can quench your thirst round the clock. The antibacterial properties we adopt ensure that the drinking water is highly safe to use. With CFC-free refrigerant solutions, we consider eco-friendliness to a great extent.


Heavy Duty Compressor with 5 years warranty.

We offer wide range of best quality 3 tap stainless steel water coolers and water dispenser systems in UAE with an affordable price, suitable for schools, offices, factory, labor camps and other commercial applications.


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