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We offers advanced Domestic and Commercial Sewage Water Treatment (STP Plant) solutions to meet the challenges of wastewater problems in the UAE and Middle East region. We are experts at providing different kind of suitable solutions for the wastewater, sludge and graywater. We can provide sewage water treatment (STP) solutions for cautious and sustainable management of scarce water resources. Irrespective of the sizes and nature of the project, if you are looking for superior, more economical and more dependable sewage water treatment products, please get in touch with us. We provide a complete range of machines and equipment for the wastewater, process water, and grit and sludge.
Suitable for: Villas, Factories, Schools, Hospitals, Labor camps and other domestic / commercial places in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE.


Sewage wastewater treatment system is the process in which wastewater or household sewage water gets treated. The process includes the removal of contaminants. It is done to make sure that the water is safe to reuse. Or at least it is safe enough to re-enter the environment.

Environmental engineers ensure to reduce the concentration of contaminants to a safe level. They use different types of natural or engineered systems to meet the required treatment level. These treatment methods include chemical, sludge, biological and physical. The water resulted through either of these methods are clean and safe for the environment.

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Process

The sewage consists of a mix of wastewater from residential, commercial, and pre-treated industrial wastewater. Sewage Water Treatment (STP Plant) includes two stages: Primary and Secondary treatment, followed by a tertiary treatment in the case of advanced wastewater treatment plants.

In primary treatment, the wastewater flows to the primary tank, where the process is comparable to a septic tank. In this stage, you let the sludge sink at the bottom, where the grease, oil-like particles jump up to the surface. In the secondary treatment stage, the sewage water passes to an aeration tank, which facilitates biological processes that enhance bacterial growth. These bacteria will help to break down the waste and contaminants in the water.

In the tertiary treatment stage, the wastewater undergoes a final settlement, where the sewage water treatment plants make sure that the remaining solid particles sink further to the bottom and improve the water quality.Sewage Wastewater Treatment Plant Dubai

Advantages of using Sewage Water Treatment (STP) Plant

Increased Self-Sustainability

For townships and urban areas that accommodate the huge populations, processed water can be used for domestic uses like floor cleaning, watering plants, and other household purposes. If the sewage water undergoes advanced wastewater treatment, you can also use it for drinking. Hence, the townships can grow self-sufficient with the surplus use of sewage-treated water.

Enhancement of the environmental hygiene

When you treat the wastewater, the extent of waste released to the environment is minimized, which boosts the environment’s health. Consequently, it can reduce the environmental pollution and the associated health risks, to ensure that the water bodies remain non-toxic.

Production of biodegradable Fertilizers

During the process of water treatment, the sludge consists of a huge amount of biodegradable substances. When you treat the sludge with a drying lagoon technique or solid dewatering, it can produce biodegradable fertilizers. These natural fertilizers can let you improve the crop yields in the gardens and you can use them extensively in home gardening. The sludge is a great addition to energy production. So Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) can help to conserve water and generate energy.


STP Plant uses the least installation and running costs. They also exhibit great durability and eliminate the need to replace the sewage system for several years, which is a cost-effective advantage. Nevertheless, the sewage treatment plants are easy to maintain.

STP Plant Manufacturer and Supplier in Dubai

Sewage water treatment plants are notably the most reliable and cost-effective way of dealing wastewater. It is an ideal choice to replace the existing septic tanks and cesspits with a Sewage Treatment Plant or an STP Plant. If you wish to finding out an accomplished manufacturer / supplier of the Sewage Water Treatment Plant / STP plant in Dubai, our services are within your reach to get it done. Speak to our team today to explore more about your cost-effective and reliable STP Plant installation. We design and supply wide range of RO Systems and Wastewater treatment systems as customer requirements. We provide best quality design and manufacture Sewage water treatment plants in UAE, with superior quality materials and components in compliance with fixed industry norms.


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