Sediment Removal Polypropylene Cartridge Filters

Sediment Filter Cartridges are intended to remove the particulate matters from water. It is a medium to filtrate a substance that flows with liquid and serves as a pre filter in filtering process. Filter Cartridges are considered as the heart of water filtration process. The ability or the efficiency of water filter cartridges are determined by the micron rating.

Available Filter Lengths: 10”, 20”, 30” & 40”
Micron Ratings: 1μm, 5μm & 10μm
Outer Dia.: 2.5” & 4.5”
Maximum Temperature: 52°C (125°F)


The Sediment Filter Cartridges are compatible with almost all liquid types and efficient in removing dust, sand, algae etc. In addition, Sediment Filters remove the water turbidity, the color changes to yellow orange etc.. due to the heavy presence of some solids in the water. When the filter inserted inside the housing, the fluid enters the nozzle and with the help of pressure, the cartridge separates contaminant from the fluid. The extracted pollutant is deposited on the surface of filter cartridge and clear water flows through the nozzle.

There are different stages of purification in water filter system and Polypropylene Sediment Removal Filter Cartridges are used in every water purifiers for the initial stages of filtering process. The first stage of the filter element affects the water quality and also the subsequent filtering stages. Hence the quality of polypropylene filter matters in case of water purifiers. Moreover, in Reverse Osmosis system, it is significant to add Polypropylene filters. Otherwise as the water enters directly to the semi permeable membrane, the excessive impurities will block the membrane and reduces the life of the membrane as well as affect the quality of final drinking water.

Types of Sediment Filters

There are different types of Polypropylene Sediment Filter Cartridges namely:

Polypropylene Spun Filter Cartridge
Polypropylene Spun Filter Cartridges are made up of polypropylene fibers which are bonded together in multi layers to form a particular density from outer to inner surface. The solid particles are separated by depth filtration and deposit within the pores of filter medium. The contaminants will be stored in filter matrix and final clean clear water will flow out of the cartridge.

String Wound Polypropylene Yarn Filter Cartridge
String wound Polypropylene Yarn Filter Cartridge is a variety of cartridge filter made by continuously twisted microfibers. These microfibers are woven together around a core to for better filtration. The type of the yarn used will measure the quality of the wound yarn filter cartridge. The choice of the filter cartridges depends on the application it is used in and the physical and chemical parameters involved in the process. String Wound Polypropylene Yarn filter cartridge is widely known for its filtration capacity, high dirt holding capacity and durability. Hence it is used across various industries and in fluid filtration.

Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges
Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges are used to remove organic chemicals, bad taste and odor from the water. The chemicals like hydrogen sulphide, chlorine etc. will give pungent odor and taste to the water are removed using GAC filters. It is water replacement filter shells made of food grade plastic and filled with high quality granular activated carbon made from coconut shell. Granular Activated Carbon has strong absorbent capacity and it absorbs chemical pollutants in water, colors, odor, and residues of pesticides from water and improves the taste and smell effectively.

Applications Polypropylene Cartridge Filter

  • Water Purification
  • Food & beverage industry
  • Potable water
  • Residential RO Systems
  • Chemical industry
  • Commercial & Industrial RO Plants

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