Seawater Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is one of the major technology used for medium and large-size desalination plants in UAE, it can produce high quality drinking water from the seawater with lower energy. We offer customized Seawater RO Systems / Seawater Desalination Plants designed with industry standards suite for residential and commercial applications. The Seawater treatment plant can reduce salt (TDS) and other impurities up to 90-99%. We can design and install Seawater RO plants with capacities from 100,000 GPD to 1 Million GPD and above.

Seawater RO water treatment plant using in various applications including:

Water treatment and desalination plants, Municipal drinking water, Food and beverages industry, Offshore applications, Agricultural farms etc..


Seawater RO Systems Dubai

Seawater Reverse Osmosis Systems (SWRO) are designed to treat seawater or water with a high salinity to make them drinkable. This process works to decline over 99% of saline in the feed water. We can provide reverse osmosis desalination units in Dubai with these functions as they eliminate a large amount of salts, ions, unwanted molecules, and large particles from the seawater.

There are permeable membranes present in these RO systems that help to remove dissolved solids while dividing the water into two compartments. This includes the purified water of 99% less dissolved salts and the rejected concentrated salts which get discarded.

Our prime features include Anti-scalant Dosing System, highly rated sediment removal system, and an advanced digital salinity meter that allows you to check the salinity of the water that comes in. With our Seawater Reverse Osmosis System assures you an endless supply of quality drinking water for a very long time.


  • FRP Multimedia / Sand Filter
  • Highly rated sediment removal system
  • Anti-scalant Dosing system
  • Skid mounted carbon steel frame, printed and epoxy coated
  • FRP membrane vessels that are ASME approved
  • High rejection and guaranteed better performance RO membranes
  • Auto flushing with feed water every time plants start & stops
  • Unique panel mounted product and reject flow meter
  • Stainless steel 316 L back pressure regulator concentrate valve
  • Sample permeate ports for each Membrane vessel
  • Digital salinity meter
  • Low-pressure cut-off switch to protect high-pressure pump
  • System control electrical enclosure
  • Unique low voltage safety control and protection
  • Low level feed water float switch
  • High-level product water float switch
  • High quality cartridge filter housing


What is Seawater Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis plays its most vital role in separating purified water from seawater and brackish water. The seawater is pushed against the semi-permeable membrane, which results in potable water that can be used for several purposes. The systems designed for Seawater Reverse Osmosis consist of a rinsing, chemical purifying apparatus that helps eliminate salt, avert scaling and yield an effective result while retaining system performance.

The Reverse Osmosis Membranes and high-pressure feed pumps are the key elements necessary for the output of any seawater RO systems Dubai.


We can provide Seawater Reverse Osmosis Systems ranging from 100,000 GPD to 1 Million GPD and above with different capacities for different models in Dubai. Our RO systems are coming with FRP multimedia or sand filter, antiscalant dosing system, digital salinity meter, auto flushing, better performance RO membranes, unique low voltage, and more. All these features can  help you to ensure that efficacy of RO systems for better-purified water for the industry applications in UAE.

Treatment Process

The treatment process is divided into pre-filtration, antiscalant dosing, reverse osmosis desalination and auto flushing and CIP systems, all of which work together to purify the water effectively. There are also some other pre- and post- Reverse Osmosis steps to improve the quality of the water and can be added based on the requirements of the feed-water.

Reverse Osmosis technology has become rampant in recent years and has been used for several water filtration applications. Find here the list of leading manufacturers and suppliers of most efficient Seawater Reverse Osmosis systems, RO Water treatment companies in Dubai.


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