ROH 8” Membrane FRP Pressure Vessels

ROH 8” membrane vessels are specially made from high grade composite material for ensuring longer service life and durability. Our supplied membrane pressure vessel is available at cost effective selling prices. The range of RO membrane housings are manufactured from superior quality raw materials and RO vessels are specially designed to withstand high pressures. FRP material provides resistance to most chemicals and hence can be used in a variety of corrosive environments.



  • Smooth inner surface finishing for easy loading & unloading of membrane elements
  • End port and side port options available
  • Different sizes of side port connection are available in side port vessels
  • Outer polyurethane paint for UV resistance
  • Head seal area is formed on the mandrel surface, therefore more accurate
  • The head seal is captured and does roll during installation of head assembly
  • Down-stream conical shape thrust cone improve water flow pattern and allow installation of head assembly in any angle
  • 100% hydro test at 1.5X operating pressure
  • Burst pressure 4X


  • Available pressure rating (psi): 250/300/450/600/1000/1200
  • Length (No. of elements): 1 to 7
  • Shell Material: FRP
  • Shell Colour: White
  • Connection: Groove
  • Material SS316: ( duplex SS for 1000psi and above)
  • Size: 1”
  • Connection: Female NPT/ BSP
  • Material: ABS
  • Head assembly: Retainer lock bars, cast aluminum bearing plates, ABS seal plate and lock nut, head seal, permeate port O-ring
  • Adaptor: Standard 0.125” OD adaptor is included
  • Straps & Saddles: Depending on length
  • Max. Operating Temp: 50° C ( 122° F)


  • The 4” & 8” ROH pressure vessel is specially designed for membrane separation applications such as pure water production, wastewater treatment, water recycling and sea water desalination.


We offer wide range of RO membrane housings, manufactured by leading brands in membrane and FRP Pressure vessels in Dubai, UAE.


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