RMC CD-450 RO Antiscalant (USA)

CD-450 Calcium Dispersant and Scale Inhibitor

CD-450 RO Antiscalant is a NSF ANSI 60 certified dispersant for use in many water treatment applications. CD-450 is a highly effective scale inhibitor. The best quality RO membrane antiscalant for brackish water as well as sea water applications. Made in USA.


  • Reduces energy costs
  • Reduces labor costs in RO maintenances
  • Extends equipment life


CD-450 Antiscalant was previously approved by USDA category G6: compounds for treating boilers, steam lines, where the steam produced may contact edible products and/or cooling systems where the treated water may not contact edible products.


CD-450 Antiscalant is used for industrial water treatment applications, including as an antiscalant for RO systems, to inhibit the deposition of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, calcium oxalate, and other highly insoluble scales including Oxalates.


  • Dispersing action prevents contaminant particles from agglomerating and depositing on surfaces
  • Inhibits formation of crystalline scale
  • Improves heat transfer efficiency
  • Safe to handle
  • No VOC content
  • Contains no hazardous compounds

Directions for Use

CD-450 should be fed continuously into the system neat or as a dilute solution. Corrosion resistant feed equipment should be used. A professional RO system technician can specify optimum dosage and feed rates.


25 Kg. Pail / 200 Kg. drum / 1000 Kg. IBC

The best quality RO Antiscalant Chemical supplier for the Brackish water RO plants and Water treatment systems in Dubai, UAE.


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