Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant

We offer design and manufacture of Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant Solutions with standard equipment, suitable for industrial and commercial applications. Specialized in Sewage treatment systems, recycling and water treatment products, providing solutions for many industrial Wastewater Treatment systems and Biological wastewater treatment applications in different industrial sectors.
Packaged Water Treatment Plant can install in rural areas, agricultural lands, irrigation and trailer parks where population to be served ranges. Their modular design makes it easy to customise and transport to the sites for your current process requirements. Also you can expand the capacity or process as per your requirements.


  • Skid-mounted and technically-tested packaged systems
  • Compact designs for easy integration
  • Comprehensive cleaning capabilities and best system performance
  • Simple operation and maintenance cost
  • Suitable for small and larger developments
  • Eco-friendly technology


Wastewater treatment systems help in effective management of waste effluents and comply with municipal norms. But in rural areas and remote locations, it can be a challenge. In order to ensure effective wastewater treatment, it is best to go with a Packaged Wastewater Treatment plant in Dubai. This results in a lot of advantages. These benefits are amplified for remote or rural areas.

It is possible to easily transport the portable Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant. Operators can unload it at the intended location. They can install, configure, and commission the plant for work on an immediate basis. This provides a significant reduction in client time for transport, build and installation. This brings down the total cost of installation. As a result, the plant starts offering immense value from day one of the installation.

What is a Package Water Treatment Plant?

A Package system is an option for traditional in-ground treatment systems. Package processes are based on or related to other treatment processes. Some package plant models have innovative methods of treatment. Absorption clarifies is an example of such a creative element.

The significant difference between package plants and custom-made plants is that the package plants are made and assembled in a factory. A package plant unit is intended to treat surface water supplies to remove colour, coliform organisms and turbidity.

Other technologies are incorporated into the ‘package plant’ to offer additional treatment options. They can be like chlorination, ozonation and UV-treatment for disinfection. Filtration like cartridge filtration, RO, ultra-filtration, sand filtration can also be deployed for the better filtration process.

How to Select a Package Water Treatment Plant?

The Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants differ significantly in terms of the size, design, and operating and maintenance considerations. Those plants that treat from 25,000 to 60,00,000 gallons per day need package plants.

The total influent water quality records should be examined to find out the turgidity levels, seasonal temperature fluctuations and colour level expectations. Turgidity and colour may need coagulant dosages beyond many package plants design specifications.

Pilot tests are necessary to select a package plant for more efficient designs and shorter detention time unit processes.

What are the Advantages of Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plant?

The packaged wastewater treatment plants are delivered at the site with fully functioning capabilities. They are ready to use and designed to lower the day-to-day attention in the operation of the equipment. There are other benefits of the package plants like compact size, inexpensiveness, efficiency, ease of functionality.

What are the Limitations of Package Water Treatment Plant?

Highly variable influent quality of water requires a good amount of operational skills and attention. It nullifies the package plant advantages of automation and low cost. Many states are unwilling to endorse a large number of package plants.

The need for conformity to Safe Drinking Water Act and its amendments can challenge the capability of the package. Other challenges include the inability of these systems to treat several types of contaminants.

What are the types of Packaged Plant Filtration Systems?

There are two types of package plant filtration systems, namely conventional package plants and absorption clarifier package plants. Several firms make conventional package plants to individual specifications. They carry out the traditional processes of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation and filtration.

The absorption clarifier package plants make use of an up-flow filter, absorption clarifier and low-density bead media. The bead media replaces the flocculation and sedimentation basin.

The Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants in the UAE come with a substantial USP. It can be built and installed in quick time. Also, the overall cost of design, transportation, and installation is low. Such systems can beneficial where a small footprint is needed.

The wastewater treatment plants offer another crucial benefit. They are relatively inexpensive when it comes to operating costs over the long term. It required only lesser number of maintenance people to use it on a regular basis. The effluent released by these plants conforms to all municipal norms. These benefits span all three levels of wastewater treatments. We can provide a range of best quality, easy to maintain, simple to operate and affordable Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants in Dubai.

A range of industry verticals can utilize these wastewater treatment plants:

  • Home and recreational parks
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Military facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Remote locations


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