Medium Pressure Commercial RO Plants

We offers a list of Medium Pressure Industrial or Domestic Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration systems, ideal for large villas, labor accommodation, factories, farms and more specialized for various residential, industrial and commercial  applications in Dubai, UAE. We can design and provide you a capacity of 600 GPD to 1,200 GPD RO water filtration systems, which are made by latest technologies and with superior quality materials and components. It can remove hardness of water, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, iron, sodium, calcium, copper, colors and other organic impurities from the water.

  • Multi-stage purification that gives premium quality water
  • Removes over 96% of minerals and contaminants
  • Reduces lime scale build-up in water-using equipment
  • Removes chlorine and other bad tastes and odours
  • Provide pure, tasty and fresh drinking water


Medium capacity Industrial / Commercial RO plants are used to remove all the impurities and harmful contaminants from feed water, to make it suitable for domestic, commercial or industrial applications in UAE. We can provide light commercial, high-quality Brackish Water RO Water Purification systems in Dubai, with affordable price. Reverse Osmosis water filters produce contaminant-free water, and it will suitable for drinking and cooking.


  • Operating Pressure: 75-200 psi
  • Feed pH: 6.5-8.5
  • Turbidity: 1 NTU (Max.)
  • Chlorine Levels: 0.2 PPM (Max.)
  • Temperature Range: 37.5°C (100°F)
  • Line Pressure Range: 0.7 to 2.8 bar (10 to 40 psi)
  • Total Dissolved Solids: 2,000 ppm (Max.)


Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems are used most commonly to purifying brackish water. It can remove salts and other impurities to result in better colors, taste and pure dirking water. Our light commercial and industrial RO filters can improves both the taste and quality of water. It can reduces up to 99% of chlorine, objectionable odours and sediments. You can drink and cook with tap water without having any worry about harmful contaminants adversely affecting your health. We can provide customized light industrial RO plants in flow ranges starting from 600 GPD to 1,200 GPD capacity within your budget.

Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered to function with both well and municipal water sources (with chlorine removal provided). We utilize the most current membrane technology available, and dissolved solids removal rates are typically 97% or more.

Principles of Reverse Osmosis

R/O systems employ thin film composite spiral wound membrane elements for superior performance. To simply describe the process, pump pressure is used to supply source water to reverse osmosis membranes. These special membranes allow only high quality water to permeate them. In turn, they reject metals, salts, ionic and organic impurities which are processed to waste. Suspended solids are removed by pre-filters which are standard components on all RO systems.


  • Pre-filters
  • Power switch
  • High pressure pump
  • Solenoid valve (pump inlet valve)
  • Solenoid valve (auto flush valve)
  • Pressure regulator valve
  • Electronic control
  • Inlet pressure gauge
  • Concentrate pressure gauge (waste)
  • Recycle line flow meter
  • Permeate flow meter (product water)
  • Membrane housing
  • Brackish Water RO Membrane
  • Low pressure switch
  • Level switch connector for storage tank


The system is provided with instrumentation to monitor, pre treatment of feed water, back washing of filters, and system flushing as well as numerous safety features to enhance the operators standard of living.


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