MBBR Wastewater Treatment System

MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) is commonly used for industrial wastewater treatment applications. We provide a compact, cost effective and expandable wastewater treatment systems in Dubai. MBBR Systems can be integrated with industrial and municipal treatment systems removes organic substances, nitrification and denitrification.
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  • Compact and space-saving
  • Expandable
  • Low investment cost
  • Complete removal of solids
  • Minimal maintenance


MBBR stands for Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor. It is an effective biological treatment process. It is based on a traditional activated sludge process and biofilm media. This process is ideal for separating organic substances, denitrification and nitrification. The micro-organisms utilized in the process use up the organic compounds for wastewater treatment system.

The Biofilm provides increased surface area so that the microbes can attach and grow on it. Due to an increased surface area, the footprint of tanks will be reduced. So the wastewater is treated even with reduced footprint. The treatment is either aerobic or anaerobic and works at high volumes.

MBBR is used along with a septic tank or pre-coagulation step for the pre-treatment process. This technology is designed along with other non-mechanical or mechanical system to reduce phosphorous and faecal coliform.

Since the MBBR is in continuous use, it does not need back washing or returns sludge flows. The wastewater treatment tank operation is at low cost due to the coarse-bubble aeration in the aeration zone. The agitation continuously moves the carriers over the service eliminating clogging.

The maintenance of a MBBR system is achieved with screening, in fluent equalization, and sludge handling. It also includes maintaining the integrated control and clarifier systems. The MBBR system requires trained professionals who can routinely monitor the pump and blower operation. This system also has a self-maintenance mechanism for the level of biofilm.MBBR Bio Filter Media

Here are some advantages of MBBR technology;


One of the most significant advantages of MBBR technology is that it dramatically reduces the need for a lot of space. The compactness of overall unit compensates on the lack of vast space. It is usually 1/3rd of the space needed for activated sludge process. Along with compactness, the unit also increases the treatment capacity.

Total removal of solids

It is very efficient in complete removal of solids. It generates low solids and needs zero to minimum polymer for the separation of solid and liquid.


It is stable even with variations of load. It is insensitive to temporary limitation and is useful in providing consistent treatment results.

Low investment

The cost of the MBBR technology is as low as Activated Sludge Process, which is cheaper than MBR. Besides, even if you want to upgrade your existing plants, then the upgrade is easy and inexpensive. A new MBBR plants can handle higher loads minimal costs of construction.


The whole plant has easy operability, automatic sludge wasting, no sludge return and no MLSS. Also, there is no concern about media clogging.


You can further increase the capacity of whole plant can be as and when required. It can be done just by increasing the fill fraction of Biofilm carriers.

In a MBBR wastewater treatment system, the quantity of biomass has a significant role. The amount can be increased through the volume of carriers per unit. The performance of carrier should be proven for specific wastewater treatment for different cases application.


  • Agriculture
  • Food and beverages industry
  • Oil and Gas
  • Municipal sewage plants
  • Fish farms and aquaculture
  • Hotels and Theme Parks
  • Textile industry


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