LG BW 4040 R Brackish Water Membrane

LG BW 4040 R High Rejection Brackish Water 4” RO membranes offer a combination of high rejection, reliability and durability; suitable for high salinity brackish water and wastewater water treatment plants in UAE.

LG Chem’s NanoH2O™ brackish water RO membranes serve various municipal and industrial applications and major utilities around the world. LG BW 4040 RO membranes, all incorporated with innovative Thin Film Nanocomposite (TFN) technology, are offered in industry standard configurations and can easily fit into existing and all the new RO systems.

  • Well suited for low quality feed water or varying operating conditions
  • Improved permeate quality without increasing operating pressure
  • Reduced energy cost without sacrificing the permeate quality
  • Matches industry-standard flux and rejection
  • Easy to retrofit existing systems
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LG BW 4040 R membranes offer a combination of high rejection and reliability: suitable for high salinity brackish water and wastewater reuse applications.

Product Specifications

  • Active Membrane Area: 85 ft² (7.9 m²)
  • Permeate Flow Rate: 2,500 gpd (9.5 m³/d)
  • Stabilized Salt Rejection: 99.6%
  • Minimum Salt Rejection: 99.3%

Test Conditions

  • NaCl: 2,000 ppm
  • Pressure: 225 psi (15.5 bar)
  • Temperature: 25°C (77°F)
  • pH: 7
  • Recovery: 15%
  • Permeate Flow Variation : +/-20%

Operating Specifications

  • Max. Operating Pressure: 600 psi (41 bar)
  • Max. Chlorine Concentration: <0.1 ppm
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 45°C (113°F)
  • pH Range, Continuous (Cleaning): 2-11 (2-12)
  • Max. Feedwater Turbidity: 1.0 NTU
  • Max. Feedwater SDI (15 minutes): 5.0
  • Max. Feed Flow: 16 gpm (3.6 m³/h)
  • Max. Pressure Drop for Each Element: 15 psi (1.0 bar)

Product Dimensions

  • Length: 1,016 mm (40 inch)
  • Element O.D.: 100 mm (3.9 inch)
  • Permeate Tube O.D.: 19 mm (0.75 inch)
  • Active Membrane Area: 85.0 ft² (7.9 m²)
  • Weight: 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs.)
  • Core Tube Extension: 29 mm (1.1 inch)
  • Feed Spacer: 28 mil


LG Chem’s brackish water RO membranes lower the cost of desalination by improving energy efficiency and productivity. These thin-film nanocomposite (TFN) membranes feature benign nanomaterials incorporated into the thin-film polyam-ide layer of a composite membrane. This innovative patented and patent-pending technology significantly increases membrane permeability while offering superior salt rejection. Find here best LG BW membrane suppliers in Dubai, UAE.


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