Jumbo FRP Pressure Tanks

Jumbo FRP Pressure Tanks with Top and Side Manholes. We offer the top quality FRP pressure vessels and tanks with side and top manhole, applicable for any water or wastewater treatment systems. With durable FRP filament wound material, these vessels are non-corrosive and light in weight enabling longer life and easy installation at site. Available from 800 mm to 2000 mm in diameter, these vessels can cater to a wide range of filtration and softening applications in water and wastewater segments.
Available in sizes from 800mm to 2000mm diameter.



  • High performance FRP filament wound outer shell
  • Top and Side manhole for easy filling and removal of media
  • Sight glass to examine process operation during service, regeneration and backwash
  • Inlet and outlet flanges are compatible with standard PP top distributors and bottom collectors
  • 100% corrosion resistance
  • Light weight and easy to install at site


  • Industrial water and wastewater filtration
  • Commercial water filtration
  • Softening application
  • Demineralization application
  • Iron removal filters
  • Operating Conditions
  • Operating pressure 5 bar
  • Test pressure 7.5 bar
  • Maximum operating temperature 65°C


  • Light weight
  • 100% corrosion resistance
  • Long life
  • Fast delivery
  • No routine painting
  • Aesthetic looking


Fiberglass (FRP) Pressure Tanks are available in pressure ratings up to 1200 PSI and are ideal for Brackish water and Seawater treatment plants, Food & beverages, Automotive applications, Power generation and Health care applications in Dubai, UAE. Our FRP Pressure Tanks are made up high performance composite material with filament winding. All Pressure Vessels are 100% corrosion resistant with Thermoplastic Liners of Polyester.


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