Industrial Brackish Water RO Plants

Design, manufacture and supply the Brackish Water RO plants according to customer requirements, fit for industrial, commercial and domestic applications in Dubai. The production ranges are from 2,000 gallons per day to 150,000 GPD. Brackish Waters are any water sources with TDS between 1,000 and 15,000 mg/L. Brackish water cannot be consumed by us directly due to its high salinity. Brackish water RO purification systems utilize Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Membranes designed to process water with high salinity and under higher operation pressures. An RO water filters will remove sodium and TDS like arsenic, chloride, fluoride and will give you pure and clear water for drinking.

  • Produce high-quality demineralised water
  • Most advanced membranes
  • Modular design
  • Low water-rejection rate
  • Low operational and maintenance costs


Brackish water is water having more salinity than freshwater, which is less salty than seawater. Brackish Water RO plants are designed to treat all kind of brackish water including well water, river, lake, ground water etc. The level of salt contents present in water different from place to place and from source to source. The water from a bore well or ground water has demands higher level of purification. Our RO plant designs are flexible sufficient and customized according to customer requirements, we ensure that a high quality water treatment is delivered irrespective of the quality of feed water. We offer a wide range of industrial, commercial reverse osmosis plants according to tap water, brackish water and sea water resources.


  • Highly rated sediment removal system based on Cartridge Filter (5-20 micron).
  • High quality Cartridge Filter housing in PP.
  • High pressure vertical multistage centrifugal pump with heavy-duty industrial motor.
  • High rejection and guaranteed better performance RO membranes.
  • Auto flushing with feed water every time plants start and stops.
  • Unique panel mounted product and reject flow meter.
  • Stainless steel 316 L back pressure regular concentrate valve.
  • Stainless steel Glycerine filled panel mounted low and high pressure gauges.
  • Digital salinity meter.
  • Low-pressure cut off switch to protect high-pressure pump from being dry run.
  • System control electrical enclosure = NEMA 4 with indicator lights.
  • Unique low voltage safely control and protection.
  • High-level product water float switch.

Additional Features

  • Digital pH monitor/alarm
  • Digital ORP monitor/alarm
  • RO membranes CIP system
  • Hour meter
  • Volt meter
  • Pre-chlorination dosing system
  • De-chlorination system
  • Anti-scalant dosing system
  • High-pressure switch to cut off the system
  • Integrated PLC control system
  • Digital product and reject flow meter


Reverse osmosis a membrane filtration technology that removes all types of dissolved solids, organics, chemicals and bacteria from the water by applying high pressure, when it is on one side of a selective membrane and will produce purified product water.

Design, manufacture, supply and installation of Brackish water RO plants as containerized type suit for various industrial, domestic and commercial applications in UAE. We are able to supply RO plants in different capacities starting from 2000 GPD to 150,000 GPD with best quality, most advanced components. Reverse osmosis plants are used to produce high quality demineralised water from the feed water. Our RO plants are widely used for agricultural farms, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical and municipal applications. We are the leading supplier of industrial RO plants and commercial RO plants in Dubai.


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