Industrial/Commercial 5,000 GPD Brackish Water RO System

We offer 5,000 GPD Brackish Water industrial RO system that treats raw water and make them ideal for drinking and cooking purposes. This system can use for Brackish waters or any water sources with TDS between 1,000 and 15,000 mg/L. The RO System can able to remove 90% to 99.9% of the dissolved impurities from the water. We can supply 5,000 GPD best quality Reverse osmosis water treatment systems for commercial and industrial applications in Dubai, UAE.

Applicable for:

  • Hotels and Resorts, Labor Camp, Hospitals, Dairy Farms, Agriculture farms etc..


The Industrial 5,000 GPD Brackish Water RO System is designed and developed for the long and dependable services. Our Brackish Water reverse osmosis water purifiers are suitable for small and medium commercial and industrial applications, which has a capacity of producing range from 2000 GPD to 100,000 gallon per day. Our Industrial RO plants can give an unique high quality output of improved range with value-added quality and most advanced technology.


  • Highly rated sediment removal system based on Cartridge Filter (5-20 micron).
  • High quality Cartridge Filter housing in PP.
  • High pressure vertical multistage centrifugal pump with heavy-duty industrial motor.
  • High rejection and guaranteed better performance RO membranes.
  • Auto flushing with feed water every time plants start and stops.
  • Unique panel mounted product and reject flow meter.
  • Stainless steel 316 L back pressure regular concentrate valve.
  • Stainless steel Glycerine filled panel mounted low and high pressure gauges.
  • Digital salinity meter.
  • Low-pressure cut off switch to protect high-pressure pump from being dry run.
  • System control electrical enclosure = NEMA 4 with indicator lights and switches.
  • Unique low voltage safely control and protection.
  • High-level product water float switch.

Additional Features

  • Digital pH monitor/alarm
  • Digital ORP monitor/alarm
  • RO membranes CIP system
  • Hour meter & Volt meter
  • Pre-chlorination dosing system
  • De-chlorination system
  • Anti-scalant dosing system
  • High-pressure switch to cut off the system
  • Integrated PLC control system
  • Digital product and reject flow meter


Industrial RO system removes the maximum of contaminants from the source water including salt, chemicals, metals and microorganisms. Whether it is municipal water, brackish water, salt or surface water. The reverse osmosis technology decreases the volume of feed water making the suspended particles to block the feed channel.

This Industrial Brackish Water RO system is best suited for small and large industrial applications in Dubai, UAE. It will suit for any industrial organizations including hotels, restaurants, beverage industries, pharmaceutical industry, labor camps, educational institutes, etc.  We offer the best quality RO plants to meet our customer requirements. The system is fully customized, very reliable and cost-effective. Our range of products include osmosis plants, reverse osmosis plants, sewage treatment plants, ultra filtration systems, grey water treatment systems, disinfection systems, chemical dosing pumps, odor control systems etc.

We use advanced technologies and best quality components to manufacture our RO systems. Our main goal is that give the top quality RO water purifier systems and services to our clients in UAE.


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