INDION 8512 Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant

INDION 8512 is an excellent multi-functional Anti-scalant for use in Reverse Osmosis (RO) nano filtration and electro-dialysis reversal systems. It inhibits the formation and growth of silica, calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, strontium sulphate, barium sulphate, calcium fluorides and metal oxides scales.

It minimizes or eliminates acid feed for scale control, also disperses metal ions and colloids thus improving RO system efficiency.

  • A versatile range that provides tailor-made solutions
  • ANSI / NSF Standard 60 certified for treatment of drinking water
  • Disperse particulate foulants from membrane surface
  • Effective over a wide pH range
  • Compatible with most commercially available RO membranes


INDION RO Anti-Scalants

INDION specialty antiscalants are manufactured using proprietary formulation. They are designed to inhibit scale formation and precipitation of crystallized mineral salts and silica. The regular application of INDION filtration chemicals prevents fouling and scaling of membranes, ensuring high performance and hence protecting your investment.


  • Highly effective across a broad spectrum of waters
  • Minimizes scaling and reduces the frequency of RO membrane cleaning
  • Will reduce and usually replace the need for acid addition
  • Excellent threshold inhibitor and crystal distorter of alkaline earth metals and silica scales
  • Effective at low dosages
  • Compatible with all most membrane types
  • Maintains colloids and metal ions in suspension until rejection thus minimizing fouling

Directions for usage

INDION 8512 should be injected in RO membrane systems after chlorine and sodium meta-bisulphite treatment as such or diluted. Dilution should be done with RO permeate of equivalent quality water for preferably not less than 10% solution. The solution should be kept covered and should be consumed within 4-5 days.

INDION 8512 is not compatible with residual cat-ionic polymers from the per-treatment. A dosage projection is required for each system to determine the proper dosage.


Keep container tightly closed and in a cool place.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Appearance: Pale Yellow to Yellow
  • Physical state: Liquid
  • pH: <5.0
  • Specific gravity: 1.10 to 1.15
  • Water solubility: Completely miscible


We offer most effective RO Membrane Antiscalant and Chemicals, manufacturing from India. INDION Anti-scalant chemicals supplies all over the Middle East and African countries.  We also provide various types of RO system chemicals, resins  and water softening agents, these chemicals give corrosion protection to feed water tank, membranes, pumps and other parts of Reverse Osmosis Systems and removing principle condemnation, hardness of feed water.


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