INDION 8115 Antiscalant for RO Membrane

INDION 8115 Antiscalant and RO Filtration Chemicals are excellent for reverse osmosis, nano filtration and electro dialysis reversal systems. It is highly effective in inhibiting the formation and growth of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium/strontium/barium sulphate scales.

  • Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for the production of potable water by RO/NF/EDR
  • Highly effective across a broad spectrum of waters
  • Minimises scaling and reduces the frequency of membrane cleaning
  • Will reduce and usually replace the need for acid addition
  • Excellent threshold inhibitor and crystal distorter of alkaline earth metals & silica scales
  • Effective at low dosages
  • Compatible with most membrane types
  • Maintains colloids and metal ions in suspension until rejection thus minimising fouling


INDION 8115  RO Filtration Chemicals minimizes or eliminates acid feed for scale control, also disperses suspended solids and colloids thus improving system efficiency.

Product Specifications

  • Appearance: Pale yellow to yellow coloured liquid
  • pH as supplied: 2.0 – 4.0
  • Specific gravity: 1.10 – 1.20
  • Solubility in water: Miscible in all ratios
  • Flash point: Non-flammable aqueous solution

Direction for Use

INDION 8115 Antiscalant or RO Filtration Chemicals should be injected in membrane systems after chlorine and sodium meta-bisulphite treatment as such or diluted. Dilution should be done with RO permeate or equivalent quality water for preferably not less than 10 % solution. The solution should be kept covered and should be consumed within 4-5 days. INDION Antiscalant is not compatible with residual cationic polymers from the pre-treatment.

A dosage projection is required for each system to determine the proper dosage. A complete water analysis and system details are required based on which accurate dosage projection can be recommended by our sales representative.

Limitations and Handling

INDION 8115 Antiscalant is not considered hazardous but as with all industrial chemicals, care should be taken in its handling and use. Keep the container closed when not in use,the product should not be swallowed and prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided. Wear goggles & face shield and rubber gloves while handling this product.

Storage, Packaging & Shelf Life

INDION 8115 Antiscalant available in 30 kg pails, 50/200 Kg drums and 1100 kg IBC. Shelf life of INDION 8115 is two years under normal handling and storage conditions. It is advisable to keep container tightly closed in a cool place.


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