INDION 2814 Alkaline RO Membrane Cleaner

INDION 2814 Alkaline RO Membrane Cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner for removing heavy metal fouling, bio-foulants, slime, polysilicic scales and other colloidal/particulate based foulants from reverse osmosis membranes. INDION 2814 Membrane Cleaner is also effective in removing calcium, silt, organics and metal sulfides.

  • Highly effective concentrated powder
  • Effectively restores membrane performance deteriorated due to scaling
  • Harsh on foulants but gentle on membranes


Product Specifications

  • Appearance: Off white to white powder
  • pH of 2% Aq. solution: >11.0
  • Specific gravity: NA
  • Solubility in water: 50 g/l
  • Flash point: 93.3 C

Direction for Use

INDION 2814 should be fed in CIP tank to prepare solution for offline cleaning. The dosage and frequency of addition depends upon the severity of fouling/scaling, typical dosages are mentioned below:-

Routine offline cleaning: INDION 2814 Alkaline Membrane Cleaner is normally recommended at a dose level of 2% solution to be circulated for one hour at low velocity followed by 1-2 hours soaking then one hour high velocity circulation and permeate flushing. It is used against calcium, metal oxides, bio-foulants and other foulants.

Typically it is recommended to be used before acidic or biocidal cleaning for better efficacy, however actual cleaning programme may vary and will be suggested by our IE representative after carefully examining your system.

Limitations and Handling

As with all industrial chemicals, care should be taken in its handling and use. Keep the container closed when not in use, the product should not be swallowed and prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided. Wear goggles, face shield and rubber gloves while handling the product. For detailed safety precautions please refer MSDS.

Storage, Packaging & Shelf Life

INDION 2814 Alkaline Membrane Cleaner is available in 25 kg pails/bags & 50/200 Kg drums. Shelf life of INDION 2814 is two years under normal handling and storage conditions. It is advisable to keep container tightly closed in a cool place.

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