Hydranautics SWC5 LD-8040 Seawater Membrane

Hydranautics SWC5-LD 8040 element from the LD Technology™ innovative low fouling membranes, achieves superior salt and boron rejection to give a consistently pure end-product from a variety of feedwaters at low operating pressures. SWC® seawater desalination membranes offer the highest levels of salt rejection and a consistently pure end product. Membrane formulations are designed to accommodate varying levels of seawater salinities worldwide with reliable field-proven performance.

  • High permeate flow – 9,000 gpd (34.1 m3/d)
  • High salt rejection – 99.8%
  • 92% boron rejection
  • Greater tolerance to high pH cleanings
  • Lower energy consumption


The SWC5-LD 8 inch Seawater Reverse Osmosis membrane from Nitto Denko – Hydranautics combines the best of the seawater desalination technology with the cutting edge of the low fouling LD Technology™. The SWC5-LD elements gives you the highest flow rates, highest ion rejection and the lowest energy consumption combined with reduced biological and colloidal fouling.

Application Data

  • Maximum Applied Pressure: 1200 psig (8.27 MPa)
  • Maximum Chlorine Concentration: < 0.1 ppm
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 113 oF (45 oC)
  • pH Range, Continuous (Cleaning): 2-11 (1-13)
  • Maximum Feedwater Turbidity: 1.0 NTU
  • Maximum Feedwater SDI (15 mins): 5.0
  • Maximum Feed Flow: 85 gpm (19.3 m3/h)
  • Maximum Pressure Drop for Each Element: 15 psi (0.10 MPa)

Test Conditions

  • 32,000 ppm NaCl solution
  • 77°F (25°C) Operating Temperature
  • 10% Permeate Recovery
  • 6.5-7.0 pH Range

General Product Description

  • Configuration: Low Fouling Spiral Wound
  • Membrane Polymer: Composite Polyamide
  • Membrane Active Area**: 400 ft2 (37.2 m2)
  • Feed Spacer: 34 mil (0.864 mm)


Packaging: All membrane elements are supplied with a brine seal, interconnector, and O-rings. Elements are enclosed in a sealed polyethylene bag containing less than 1.0% sodium meta-bisulfite solution, and then packaged in a cardboard box.
**Values listed are indicative, not specified. For more detailed specifications, see our Technical Service Bulletin documents or contact Hydranautics Technical Department.


  • Seawater desalting
  • Broad offering of membrane formulations designed to accommodate varying levels of seawater salinities worldwide


Hydranautics SWC seawater desalination membranes are available in high productivity 8-inch and 4-inch elements, all offering the highest levels of salt rejection and a consistently pure end product. Hydranautics has over two decades of experience in desalination and over 1.7 million cubic meters (461 million gallons per day) of seawater treated by their SWC (seawater composite) membranes.

Hydranautics SWC5 LD-8040 Seawater Membrane Dubai

More than 70% of the surface on the earth is water, and still many places in the world are facing a shortage of potable water. Desalination is the only way to turn seawater into usable water. And to fulfill the demand for high-end desalination, Hydranautics offers a range of SWC LD RO membranes, where SWC stands for seawater composite. You can get the latest and genuine Hydranautics membrane from a reputable RO product supplier in Dubai.

Significance of desalination of seawater

Typically, seawater consists of 36,000 ppm of total dissolved solids or TDS. Those are nothing but excess salts and minerals. The world health organization (WHO) has set a limit of less than 500 ppm for potable water. So, any technology you may use for the purification of the water, it must be able to remove over 99% of the impurities in water. Reverse osmosis or RO is the best approach to obtain pure water. And desalination of seawater and brackish water are primary applications of reverse osmosis.

There are other water purification methods available, like evaporation and distillation, etc. But, RO is a relatively cost-effective method. It requires quite capital than other methods and its maintenance is affordable as well. Not to mention, the SWC5 LD-8040 seawater membrane from Hydranautics provides you with the best salts rejection and offers the purest water. If you want to install the membrane at your place, then please look for a trusted Dubai RO supplier.

Advantages of Hydranautics SWC5 LD-8040 Seawater Membrane

Hydranautics seawater membranes cater to the demand for pure water through their productivity, excellent performance, best salt rejection, and cost-efficient system. You can get the membranes to purify seawater with different levels of salinities. Hydranautics SWC5 LD-8040 membranes have got specially designed to offer the best salt rejection rate and permeate flows.

LD technology products are used globally for various applications for brackish water, sea water desalination, waste water treatment and more. This new generation LD RO membranes are effectively used for various feed water plants, including those treating reclaimed wastewater, surface water and well water plants. Delivering consistent high quality outputs at lower fouling, Hydranautics SWC5-LD provides high flow, and excellent salt and boron rejections at low operating pressures.

You can use them at a giant desalination plant in your factory and still expect the process to be energy-efficient. Some of the best features of the Hydranautics SWC5 LD-8040 seawater membrane are as below.

  • It offers a high permeate flow of 9,000 GPD
  • You get the highest salt rejection up to 99.8% and, at the least, 99.7%
  • Boron rejection rate is 92%
  • The membrane tends to have the lowest of biological and colloidal fouling
  • It has excellent tolerance to higher pH purification
  • You can save on energy costs owing to the energy-efficient mechanism provided by Hydranautics


SWC5 LD-8040 seawater membrane from Hydranautics is probably the best product for desalination out there. Whether you deal with the power industry, hybrid desalination plants, or agricultural application, the membrane promises to take care of all the impurities and provide you with potable water. Contact the RO water element supplier in Dubai to avail of such an excellent membranes for your applications.


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