HYDRAMEM 8040 SWE-400 Seawater Membrane

HYDRAMEM HM 8040-SWE-400 is a Seawater membrane which ensures product reliability and consistent performance thus meeting stringent water quality requirements.  HYDRAMEM high performance Seawater Membranes produce high-quality water and reduce over cost to the customer, applicable for industrial, commercial and municipal applications in Dubai.

  • High NaCl and boron rejection to help meet the industrial requirement and other drinking water standards
  • The active surface area which enhances productivity and operating flux
  • Extended membrane life expectancy
  • HYDRAMEM SWE are more rigid and may be cleaned over a wider pH range (1-13)


HYDRAMEM Seawater RO Membranes are designed and engineered to provide finest performance in terms of permeate flow and quality. Each membrane is rigorously tested on all parameters to ensure guaranteed and consistent performance. The types of membranes used in Reverse Osmosis RO water purifiers have the smallest pores and their pores are so small that it is just a little larger than the size of a water molecule and so it will allow pure water molecules to pass through easily, but will stop the passage of larger molecules of salts and organic chemicals.

Product Description

  • Membrane Type: Cross Linked Fully Aromatic Polyamide Composite
  • Construction: Spiral Wound Element
  • Application: Sea Water
  • Feed Spacer: 34 mil (0.864 mm) with modified Geometry
  • Boron Rejection (Typical): 90%

Test Conditions

  • Feed Water Pressure: 800 psi (56.25 kg/cm )
  • Feed Water Temperature: 77 F (25 C)
  • Feed Water Concentration: 32000 ppm NaCl solution
  • Recovery Rate: 7%
  • Feed Water pH: 7.2

Operating Limits

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 1200 psi (84.37 kg/cm )
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 113 F (45 C)
  • 3 Maximum Feed Flow: 75 GPM (17.0 m /h)
  • Feed Water Chlorine Concentration: <0.1 ppm
  • Feed Water pH Range, Continuous Operation: 2-11
  • Feed Water pH Range, Chemical Cleaning: 1-13
  • Maximum Feed Water SDI (15 Minute Test): SDI 5
  • Maximum Feed Turbidity: NTU 1.0
  • Maximum Pressure Drop for each Element: 15 psi

Operating Information

  • For the recommended design range, please consult the latest HYDRAMEM technical bulletin, design guidelines or call an application specialist. If the operating limits given in this product information bulletin are not strictly followed, the limited warranty will be null and void.
  • Follow instructions mentioned on the caution sticker placed on product packaging.
  • Permeate from the first hour of operation should be discarded.
  • The customer is fully responsible for the effects of chemicals that are incompatible with the elements. The use of incompatible chemicals will void limited warranty.
  • For element loading, use only the recommended silicon lubricant. The use of petroleum based lubricant or vegetable based oils may damage the element irreversibly.
  • Membranes shows some resistance to short-term attack by chlorine (Hypochlorite). Continuous exposure should be avoided as it may damage the membrane.

HYDRAMEM Membrane Element Warranty – 3 Years.

Ion Exchange (India) Ltd Warranty applies for 3 years from whichever of the following event occurs first.

  • Pre-treated water is fed into RO unit for the first time.
  • Three (3) months following shipment from a manufacturing facility in India to the destinations in Asia, Middle East, African countries or Six (6) months from the date of shipment in other cases.

Ion Exchange has developed membrane technology in early 1980s and since then has been supplying more than 5000 RO plants across the globe. Our standardized RO units are engineered to meet the exact water quality requirements to industries and communities. Pre-treatment for RO plants are also carefully selected based on the specific water qualities prevailing in the region.
Our range of products includes water, waste water treatment and recycling plants using various physicochemical processes for settling, clarification, filtration, disinfection, membranes and ion exchange technology, ion exchange resins; polymers and polyelectrolyte for water and non-water processes; boiler cooling water and fireside treatment chemicals. We also offer technical services such as project management at site, design, erection and commissioning, operation and maintenance of plant, and supply of spares.


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