4 Tap Stainless Steel Water Cooler / Dispenser

Being one of the most trusted suppliers of tropicalized 4 tap water coolers in Dubai, UAE, we offer versatile water cooling solutions that can let you keep your body hydrated all the time under extreme temperature rise. We provide top-notch water coolers that are specially developed to confront the impact of the humid climate that exists in tropical countries, with the availability of cool and hygienic water round the clock.

Our 4-tap water cooling system consists of copper tubing that surrounds the tank which is enveloped with an Aluminium conductive material to make the heat transfer mechanism smooth and hassle-free. Whether it be a gathering, meeting, or your purposes, our energy-efficient water coolers can let you experience outstanding cooling solutions anywhere anytime. With high-end cooling technology and excellent quality build, our coolers dispense safe, clean, and hygienic chilled water as an ultimate solution to your healthy life. Suitable for factories, warehouse, schools, university, hospitals, mosque, parks, labor camps etc.


Technical Specifications

  • Number Of Taps: 4
  • Cooling Capacity: 85 Gallon/Hr.
  • Storage Tank Capacity: 101 L
  • Outer Body: SS 430-BA
  • Inner Body: SS 304 -2B
  • Compressor: Reciprocating
  • Power Supply: 220 Single Phase 50/60 HZ
  • Refrigerant: R 134 A (CFC Free)
  • Temp Range: 7.2 °C TO 12 °C

Corrosion Resistance and PUF insulation

We offer anti-corrosive properties 4 tap Water cooler dispenser with carefully build and design made up of Stainless steel and thereby, prevent the intrusion of any chemical solvents or atmospheric elements. With the highly protective oxide layer, it can restrict corrosion and oxidation, and moreover offer greater strength when compared to Aluminium. Our water cooler dispenser provide the best quality food grade storage tanks made with stainless steel that gives you safe and pure drinking water, duly tested for quality. With the most efficient PUF insulation, we also guarantee you that the water stays cool for hours, thereby saving a lot of power.

Efficient Heat Transfer

With the top-notch Copper tubes that encompass rippled aluminum fins to fit in the condenser, you experience greater heat transfer efficiency for the coolers. Additionally, the thermostat is externally mounted with which you can easily set the water temperature, without having the need for any opening up of service panels.

Eco-Friendly Operations

Our products comply with sustainable practices and ensure that the environment doesn’t get subjected to any depletion due to the operations performed by our water coolers. To enable sustainable operations, we deploy CFC-Free refrigerant solutions and prevent harmful emissions releasing to the atmosphere. The drip-proof faucets are deployed at a convenient location along with the water waste tray that avoids splashing and paves the way for the efficient dirt removal.

High-end Water Cooling Solutions

Our 4 tap water cooler dispensers give you high-end cooling solutions with energy-efficient compressors to accelerate the cooling process and ensure the least power consumption. Also, the heavy-duty compressor comes with a desirable warranty for five years. With a flattened copper tube and aluminium protective layer, the surface of the tank is sealed for ultimate protection. Additionally, this increases the water cooler efficiency by 70%, and leads to a faster cooling process.

Excellent Build and Design

The food grade plastic components, top quality water inlet, outlet and Nickel plated brass float valve, are designed to prevent the rust and offer supply of hygienic water. The powerful plastic leg is yet another attractive feature that lets our water coolers get fixed on any surface. Our water coolers are tested for quality and strength, and come with ease of installation and maintenance process.


Heavy Duty Compressor with 3 years warranty.


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