Forbes MAGNA RO + UV Drinking Water Purifier

The Forbes offers MAGNA Drinking Water Purifier is an elegantly designed kitchen appliance that comes with a 7-Stages water purification process, that provides you pure and healthy drinking water for your family. The MAGNA RO+UV+TDS water purifier features a unique type membrane based water filtration technique that removes microbial contaminants like bacteria and virus from the water and gives you pure and safe drinking water. The MAGNA water purifiers come with a large 7 litter tank that can stores drinking water, so that you are not in a shortage of potable water in case of a power cut.

Key Features:

  • TDS Controller
  • LED Indication
  • Alert Interface
  • 7.5 Litter Storage Tank
  • Wall Mount/Table Top
  • 6000 Ltr. Filtration Capacity


An RO Water Purifier is a great investment for managing drinking water problems. It can remove all the pollutants and chemicals, separates them from the water and then flushes them out in a drain. The purified water is then go to the storage tank. The RO water purification system can remove sediments, taste, odor, salt, impurities, or organic chemicals from the water and provide clean potable drinking water for daily uses.Forbes Magna RO Water Purifier

The MAGNA RO+UV+TDS water purifier offers following features:

Active Copper Technology
Unique combination of naturally occurring vital minerals like Ca, Mg, Cu and Zn with anti-microbial Carbon granules.

UV e-boiling
Unique UV e-boiling technology makes your water as safe and pure as water that has been boiled for 20+ minutes.

Biotron Technology
The Biotron technology unlocks minerals from your drinking water for faster absorption & more health benefits.

Patented Mineral Guard Technology
Retains all essential natural minerals such as Calcium & Magnesium which provides perfect blend of safe and healthy water

Taste Adjuster (TA)
The Taste Adjuster allows to adjust water taste as per the source, to always provide sweet tasting water.

Smart LED Indication
Alerts for End of life of cartridges, filter life warning and electronic errors

Storage Capacity
The MAGNA RO+UV+TDS water purifier comes with one of the largest storage tanks of 7 liters which ensures adequate supply of water.

Suitable For All Water Sources
The purifier can be kept on the counter top or easily wall mounted.

Flexible Installation
The purifier can be kept on the counter top or easily wall mounted

Health Protect Cartridge
Health Protect Electronic Authentication cartridges always ensure safe water or no water.

7 Levels of Water Purification ProcessMagna RO Water Purification Stages

1st Stage: HD Sediments Filter
5 microns polypropylene filter removes the minutest of suspended particles such as sand, dust, rust.

2nd Stage: Carbon Block
Activated Carbon filter removes hardness, bad smell, bad taste and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic.

3rd Stage: Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration
Removes all inorganic solids, TDS, excessive salts and dissolved contaminants from the water.

4th Stage: Mineral Cartridge
Adds essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and balances the PH of the water.

5th Stage: Taste Enhancer
Taste Enhancer is the silver impregnated activated carbon based in purification cartridge which improves taste of the Water

6th Stage: UV Lamp
Ultraviolet rays which destroy micro biological impurities like Bacteria, Virus and Protozoa.

7th Stage: Biotron Technology
De-clutters water molecules into very small particles which helps the better adsorption by the body cellsForbes Magna RO Water Purifier Features

Healthy drinking water is the most important aspect of leading a healthy and safe life. This is where a Eureka Forbes water purifier comes into play. Every one of us had a Forbes The MAGNA RO+UV+TDS drinking water purifier at home as kids. It used to purify water through filtration so that we could have clean water to consume.

Superior design and advanced technology is what best defines Enhance RO+UV+TDS. It deliver optimum purification through its dual RO+UV technology. Manual TDS modulator ensures that the consumer gets sweet tasting water irrespective of the source of water. Its Active Copper Technology provides Goodness of Copper in water and Mineral Guard technology retains natural essential minerals. Built to purify water from multiple sources, this machine is equipped with Zero Pressure Pump which not only works at Low Pressure but also No Pressure.
Bring your home Eureka Forbes MAGNA RO + UV drinking water purifier and get access to clean, fresh and mineral-rich water for your family.


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