Forbes Classic UV Drinking Water Purifier

Are you looking for a best-quality drinking water purifier for your home, the Forbes Classic UV Water Purifier is perfect suits for you. It can dispense water with the single press button. Moreover, it can fill a 1 liter water bottle in about 30 seconds. The Classic UV 5-stages UV water purification system from international brand of Eureka Forbes. Forbes offers perfectly designed new range of advanced Water Purifiers for Drinking.

Key Features:

  • Single Touch Button
  • LED Indication
  • Alert Interface
  • Live Water Purification
  • Wall Mounted
  • 6,000 Ltr. Filtration Capacity


If your need is to switch to drinking water that is healthy, safe and readily available then opting for Forbes Classic UV Water Purifier would be the right choice. Ultraviolet (UV) rays eliminates illness-causing microbiological organisms like bacteria,  virus and protozoa. Mineral cartridge that removes harmful VOCs and adds calcium and magnesium minerals into the water. Biotron cartridge that breaks complex water molecules into fine clusters to give you the benefits of pure water in a quicker span of time. Alert Interface that warns you when the cartridge needs to be replaced.Forbes Classic UV Water Purifier

Advanced Technology for Complete Water Purification

Smart Purifier-LED Indicators
Smart LED indicators for water purification, cartridge life and power-on status.

Long Lasting Cartridges
With a 6000 L cartridge life and smart indicators, this water purifier will ensure that you have safe water to drink for a longer duration.

Sleek And Compact Design
A sleek purifier with compact stylish design that fits your modern kitchen perfectly.

Energy Saving Mode
Save more on your monthly bill with an energy-saving mode which automatically switches off the power supply once the tank is full.

Flexible Installation
The unit can be installed easily and will add to the elegance of your kitchen wall.

5 Levels of Water Purification ProcessUV Water Purification Stages

1st Stage: HD Sediments Filter
5 microns polypropylene filter removes the minutest of suspended particles such as sand, dust, rust.

2nd Stage: Carbon Block
Activated Carbon filter removes hardness, bad smell and taste and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic.

3rd Stage: UV Disinfection Chamber
Ultraviolet rays eliminates illness-causing microbiological organisms like bacteria, virus and protozoa.

4th Mineral Cartridge
Adds essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and balances the PH of the water.

5th Biotron Technology
Declutters water molecules into very small particles which helps better adsorption of water into the body cells.Forbes Classic UV Features

Who doesn’t wish to get access to the clean, safe, and healthy drinking water dispensing at your comfort, just with a single press button? The best quality water purifier always focuses on keeping the water away from bacteria and keeps you rejuvenated round the clock. If you desire to switch your drinking water needs to a reliable and secure option, Forbes Classic UV Water Purifier would be the great choice to implement high-end water filtration processes.

Built using the power of a mineral cartridge to remove toxic VOCs, with the addition of Magnesium & calcium minerals to the water, the purifier maintains quality-centric purification techniques. The Biotron cartridge aids in breaking complex water molecules into smooth clusters to let you experience pure water dispensing quickly. Being an easy to install and elegant addition to the kitchen wall styling, the compact design of this Classic UV purifier grabs everyone’s attention. Get timely alerts for cartridge life, power-on status, and water purification with the smart LED indicators. Enjoy every moment with safe water to drink, and let the energy-saving mode save your monthly bills. Introduced by the International brand Eureka Forbes, the purifier surpasses your expectations with a 5-stage Classic UV water purification system that fills 1 litre bottle in just 30 seconds. Let the elegance and safety of the Drinking Water Purifier offer high-end water filtration to help you stay hydrated every time.


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