5 Tap Stainless Steel Water Cooler / Dispenser

We offer the most innovative and high-on-demand 5 tap Stainless Steel Water Cooler / dispenser designed to be effectively utilized under tropical humid climates of Middle East countries. This energy-efficient water cooling solutions can let you stay rejuvenated and super-active all day long, with ease of access to pure, safe, and hygienic cold water. Our exceptional water coolers can endure extreme humidity and keep you hydrated, thereby contributing to good bowel movement and active body functioning. We cater to the domestic and commercial water cooling requirements, and supply power-efficient 5-tap water coolers to our trusted customers across Dubai, UAE.

Suitable for factories, offices, schools, university, hospitals, mosque, parks, labor camps etc.


Technical Specifications

  • Number Of Taps: 5
  • Cooling Capacity: 100 Gallon/Hr.
  • Storage Tank Capacity: 128 L
  • Outer Body: SS 430-BA
  • Inner Body: SS 304 -2B
  • Compressor: Reciprocating
  • Power Supply: 220 Single Phase 50/60 HZ
  • Refrigerant: R 134 A (CFC Free)
  • Temp Range: 7.2 °C TO 12 °C
    (Based on water inlet temperature from 25 °C to 30 °C)

High Endurance to Rising Temperature

The power efficient operational capabilities of 5 tap Water cooler dispensers can help you fetch permanent solutions for your cold water needs, and fight against dehydration with the availability of extremely safe cold drinking water. To bear with the hot climatic conditions, we offer top notch water cooling solutions that incorporate top-quality copper tubing systems around the tank. The rippled aluminum fins around the copper tubing in the tanks can provide better heat transfer capability.

Anti-corrosive Stainless Steel

The stainless steel body design of our 5 tap water coolers exhibits anti-corrosive and anti-oxidant properties. With the oxide layer, the stainless steel safeguards components against getting rusted or oxidized. The food-grade quality of stainless steel gives our coolers more strength and ensures that you get clear and pure drinking water. We also offer you distinguished water cooling technology, backed by leakproof properties and quality-tested cooler elements.

PUF Insulation Protection

The extraordinary PUF insulation protection considers the cooling capability of water retained for a longer duration even under a power failure. With a thermostat mounted externally, it is effortless to adjust the water temperature. The high-end PUF solution also makes sure that the components fight effectively against any possible cracks, holes, or cavities. We also focus on providing high-end thermal insulation qualities that help in making the cooling capacity high.

Quality-driven Design

The 5 tap water cooler dispensers incorporate promising food-grade plastic parts, a super quality water inlet, and outlet connections, and top-grade brass float valves plated with Nickel. These components are completely hygienic with superior food-grade quality, and ensure that they don’t get affected by corrosion or rust particles.

Sustainable Refrigerant Solutions

We supply energy-efficient and environment-friendly cooling solutions, with a focus on preserving the true essence of nature. With CFC-Free refrigerant, we consider zero damage to the environment and its resources. The satisfactory cooling solutions make sure that the operations result in the least Global Warming Potential (GWP) value, and maintain ideal thermodynamic efficiency that stands against ozone depletion.

Instant Water  Cooling System

The flattened copper tubes surrounding the cooler tank, and the conductive aluminum compound placed between the copper tube and tank surface have positively contributed to an increased water-cooling efficiency of the coolers by 70%. This further enhances the overall water cooling process. With the least power consumption, the water coolers offer you the best quality and power-saving capabilities. Additionally, you get to experience the power of energy-efficient compressors that accelerate the process of water cooling.


Heavy Duty Compressor with 5 years warranty.

Find wide selection of best quality 5 tap stainless steel water coolers and water dispenser systems in UAE with an affordable price, suitable for schools, offices, factory, labor camps and other commercial applications.


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