DOW FilmTec SW30HRLE-4040 RO Membrane

DOW Filmtec SW30HR LE-4040 reverse osmosis 4-inch dia. membrane is a version of SW30HR LE-400, the industry’s leading seawater element which offers an unprecedented combination of high salt rejection (99.60%) and productivity to enable the lowest total cost of purifying high salinity water.

  • 1,600 gallons per day
  • 1,200 psi max operating pressure
  • High flux reduces energy use or pressure required
  • High salt rejection results in good quality water
  • High boron rejection


DOW FilmTec SW30HRLE-4040 seawater elements deliver high performance over the operating lifetime without the use of oxidative post-treatments and high sodium chloride and boron rejection to help meet World Health Organization (WHO) and other drinking water standards. FilmTec SW30HRLE-4040 may be used as a pilot element to demonstrate performance for the design of larger systems. SW30HR LE-4040 may be used as a pilot element to demonstrate performance for the design of larger systems.

The SW30 Elements have one of the highest flow rates available to meet the water demands of both sea-based and land-based desalinators. SW30 elements may also be operated at lower pressure to reduce pump size, cost, and operating expenses. Dow’s fully automated and precise element production enables the most consistent products in the industry for the most consistent product performance available. SW30HRLE-4040 can be used as a pilot element to demonstrate performance for the design of larger systems. This product is best for seawater desalination and marine applications.

Operating Limits

  • Membrane Type: Polyamide Thin-Film Composite
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 113ºF (45ºC)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 1,200 psig (83 bar)
  • Maximum Element Pressure Drop: 15 psig (1.0 bar)
  • pH Range – Continuous Operation: 2 – 11
  • pH Range – Short-Term Cleaning: (30 min.) 1 – 13
  • Maximum Feed Silt Density Index (SDI): SDI 5
  • Free Chlorine Tolerance: <0.1 ppm

Operation Guidelines

Avoid any abrupt pressure or cross-flow variations on the spiral elements during start-up, shutdown, cleaning or other sequences to prevent possible membrane damage. During start-up, a gradual change from a standstill to operating state is recommended as follows:

  • Feed pressure should be increased gradually over a 30-60 second time frame.
  • Cross-flow velocity at set operating point should be achieved gradually over 15-20 seconds.
  • Permeate obtained from first hour of operation should be discarded.

General Information

  • Keep elements moist at all times after initial wetting.
  • If operating limits and guidelines given in this bulletin are not strictly followed, the limited warranty will be null and void.
  • To prevent biological growth during prolonged system shutdowns, it is recommended that membrane elements be immersed in a preservative solution.
  • The customer is fully responsible for the effects of incompatible chemicals and lubricants on elements.
  • Maximum pressure drop across an entire pressure vessel (housing) is 50 psi (3.4 bar).
  • Avoid static permeate-side backpressure at all times.


FilmTec™ Seawater Reverse Osmosis 4″ Elements can separate salts from water and are produced with an automated fabrication process that ensures precision, consistency, and reliability. They are ideal for use in medium-sized desalination systems that produce less than approximately 10 gpm (2300 L/h) of permeate.

The DOW FilmTec SW30HRLE-400 range of seawater membranes are designed to deliver long lasting performance in the work of desalinating seawater and making it potable. Many industrial applications especially in the marine desalination field use the system, to provide a highly satisfying experience. These membranes offer the facility of high boron removal from seawater. This action helps to satisfy the expectation for freshwater consumption from seawater and ensure long-lasting operation at a lower cost. These advantages make the DOW Filmtec membranes are the best seawater RO membranes in Dubai. The Filmtec membranes are built to enhance the productivity of the systems at low pressure and higher cleaning energy levels. The high-performance membrane structure will help bring down the pressure and cleaning requirement under an existing RO membrane system. This helps reduce the operational expenditures and cost associated with purifying seawater. The DOW FilmTec SW30HRLE-4040 Seawater RO Membranes are the best and most in demand products in Dubai, ideal for municipal, industrial and commercial applications, to produce safe water drinking and eventually your health.

We suppliers DOW FilmTec SW30HRLE-4040 Seawater RO Membrane elements in Dubai. FilmTec offers various premium Seawater Reverse Rsmosis (RO) elements designed to reduce capital and operation cost of seawater RO systems. FilmTec offers premium membrane performance with automated precision fabrication and maximize system output to unprecedented performance.


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