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We provide a complete range of best quality Ion Exchange Resin for export from Dubai, which is widely used in different Water treatment systems, Separation, Water filtration plants,  Decontamination processes and more. It can also provide a method of separation in many non-water processes, such as desiccation and chromatographic separation. It has special utility in chemical synthesis, manufacturing, food processing, mining, power generation, agriculture, and a variety of applications and other industries.

  • Ion exchange resins for biotechnology
  • Chelating resins for metal recovery
  • Resins for ultra pure water
  • High chemical stability in adverse temperatures
  • Higher exchange capacity
  • Excellent thermal stability


Packing Resins:

  • HDPE liner bags: 25/50 Ltrs.
  • LDPE liner bags: 0.5 cft / 1 cft / 25 Ltrs.
  • Super sack: 1000 Ltrs / 35 cft
  • MS drums with liner bags: 180 Ltrs.
  • Fiber drums with liner bags: 7 cft
  • PVC Jars with liner bags: 5/6 Ltrs.
  • HDPE drums with liner bags: 50 / 100 / 180 Ltrs.

Dry Resings:

Dry Beads
HDPE carbouys with inner double plastic liner bags: 25 / 50 Kgs.

Dry Powders
HDPE carbouys with inner double plastic liner bags: 6 / 20 / 40 Kgs.

Protection of Ion Exchange Resins during Storage

Ion Exchange Resins, supplied in dry or moist condition, require proper care at all times. Always keep the resin drums/bags closed and in the shade at a temperature between 10oC and 40oC.

Most Resins: Resins which are supplied in moist condition must never be allowed to dry. Regularly open the drums/bags and check the condition of the resin. If the resin is not moist enough, add decriminalised water to keep it in completely moist condition.

Dry Resins: Resins which are supplied as dry beads or dry powders should never be allowed to come in contact with moisture.


Moist Resins: All water treatment resins and resins supplied in moist condition are generally sold on value basis.
The volume is measured in a column after back washing, settling and draining of water to the bed surface.
Dry Resins: All dry resins are sold on weight basis.

Find the Ion Exchange Resin Exporter In Dubai

The Ion Exchange Resin is mainly useful for treating all types of water problems. It also provides two types of non-water methods like desiccation and chromatographic separation. It is also helpful in many industries like mining, agriculture, chemical synthesis, power generations, food processing, and manufacturing. Apart from that, the Ion Exchange Resins are used in other types of industries and applications as well. As one of the leading exporters and suppliers of ion exchange resins in Dubai, we have a complete range of Ion Exchange Resins that we provide to all our interested clients across the globe.

How good is our water softening process?

Through the water softening process, the Ion Exchange Resin used is called cation exchange resin. Under this resin, sulfonate anion groups get combined with ion exchange matrix, and the anion solution, which features the sodium cation is applied to the resin. The sodium cations are then held together with sulfonate anions through the electrostatic attraction. It provides a neural charge and proper balance within the resin. There is more empathy for hardness cations than the sodium cations in the sulfonate functional groups. In simple words, it means that the hardness cations will replace sodium cations once they come out from the ion exchange group.

Get introduced to the leading Ion exchange exporters

As the most-highly reputed ion-exchange exporters, we work with the best resin manufacturers and suppliers to enhance the quality of all the existing products. We also work closely with the manufacturers, to create brand-new products that will meet the requirements of all the changing applications. As exporters, we work with an experience team in Ion Exchange technology and are the leaders within the water treatment industry. They have provided and exported many products on Ion Exchange Resin from Dubai, and we also take the help of advanced techniques to search the ion exchange resins in the market. Each of the products that we provide is mainly used for food and beverages, bio-diesel, sugar, pharmaceuticals, and many other industries.

Reasons to take our services?

All our services and solutions are of top-notch and of superior quality. We make sure to check all the ion exchange resins under a well-defined framework. We also offer items and products created from the finest quality materials that match well with the industry standards. All our products and items get delivered within a given time frame, and we offer a fast delivery service so that the products reach right at the doorstep to our clients. As the best and leading exporter of Ion Exchange Resin, we aim to provide products that will satisfy our clients and offer a price that will match with our client’s budget.

We can provide supply and export superior-quality ion exchange resins from Dubai, and aim to provide ion exchange resins of much higher quality in the coming future. All our Ion Exchange Resins are created with the help of high-grade raw materials and with highly advanced technology.

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