Composite Pressure Vessels / Pressure Tanks

We offer premium quality Pressure Vessels / Pressure Tanks for practically any water or wastewater treatment applications in Dubai, UAE. The high performance vessel material with FRP reinforced outer shell provides strength to withstand pressures as high as 10 kg/cm2 without any structural damage. The vessels are immune to most chemicals ensuring corrosion free and cost-efficient solutions for water treatment plants.


  • Residential water filtration
  • Commercial water filtration
  • Industrial water filtration
  • Softening applications
  • Demineralization


We supplies premium quality FRP Products like FRP Pressure Tanks, Membrane pressure vessels / Membrane housings and other water treatment components in UAE. Our range of products include RO Membranes, FRP pressure Tanks, Membrane pressure vessels, Housings, Water Storage Tanks and is a leading FRP products in UAE. The products we offer are made using best quality material with advanced technologies in sync with the national norms.


  • High performance composite material – HDPE/ LLDPE liner with FRP filament wound outer shell
  • Continuous seamless inner liner shell with; (a) PP inlet for higher strength, temperature and pressure capabilities, in threaded end vessels. (b) Solid anodized aluminum cast flange for excellent strength, durability and leak free service, in flanged end vessels
  • 100% corrosion resistance
  • Designed to withstand 2,50,000 times cycle
  • Maximum operation pressure 150 psi
  • Easy Installation and low maintenance
  • Opaque liner for out-door applications available

Operating Conditions

  • Operating Temperature: 49˚C for threaded vessels and 65˚C for flanged vessels
  • Maxmimum Operating Pressure: 150psi (10.5 bar)


Pressure vessels are widely used for commercial /  residential water treatment systems and in aerospace applications. At present the outer shells of the pressure vessels are made up of conventional metals like steels and aluminium alloys. The payload performance/ speed/ operating range depends upon the weight. The lower the weight the better the performance, one way of reducing the weight is by reducing the weight of the shell structure. The use of composite materials improves the performance of the vessel and offers a significant amount of material savings. Moreover, the stacking sequence is very crucial to the strength of the composite materials. We have wide range of 2.5″, 4″ and 8″ membrane pressure vessels that range in pressure from 300psi all the way up to 1000psi for high pressure membrane systems.


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