Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon is the one of the cost effective solution for removing a wide range of contaminants.
Some of the benefits of Coconut Shell based Activated Carbon are de-chlorination of water, produce better taste of water, removal of bad odors, removal of colour from the water, removes organic substances and more. We supply custom designed Activated Carbon products for specific customer applications.

We offer best quality Coconut Shell Activated Carbon suite for water treatment and air purification applications.


Best Quality Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Coconut shell activated charcoal is made from coconut husk. To activate it the coconut shell is heated to over 1000 degrees without the presence of oxygen. This is a vapour activated material and does not contain any chemicals that contaminate or react with the medium it is used. Having a large number of pores makes it suitable to remove small molecules and can be manufactured to any particle size.

Activated coconut shell charcoal can be used in multiple applications. It is found to be very useful in treating acute poisoning in people and for gastrointestinal problems. Coconut shell activated carbon is widely used in water purification, deodorization and purification of air, removing organic substances from the water and as a catalyst.

Advantages of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon is used in one of the colon cleansing therapies and detoxifying products. Toxins are eliminated and are used as a natural detoxification process. It is also used as an absorbent agent to treat poisoning, as coal absorbs toxins from stomach and intestines.

Activated coconut charcoal is being widely used in beauty industry lately. An analysis has proved that Activated coconut charcoal is effective in eliminating bacteria, and regulates sebum and activated charcoal has shown tremendous results while treating acne and skin blemishes.

Coconut shell activated carbon is widely used in purification of exhaust gas, chemical raw material gas, chemical synthesis gas, pharmaceutical industry, carbon di oxide gas for beverages, purification of hydrogen, nitrogen, hydrogen chloride, ethane gas, purification and separation of atomic facility exhaust etc…

GAC Filter Cartridges

Activated Coconut carbon for Daily Life

Activated carbon traps chemicals and toxins present in water thus making it fresh and purified potable water. It also removes bad odour and taste from the water. Activated cordon when incorporated into daily diet helps reduce gas, works as antidote for poisoning, promotes healthy kidney function, and it also improves oral health. However, it must be incorporated with little precaution for better results.

Leading Coconut Shell Activated Carbon exporters and suppliers in Dubai,  offers a wide range of carbon filters, activated carbon absorption system for water treatments, air purifiers, liquids and gases. We have a unique ability to provide partners and clients with complete carbon filtration systems. Contact us to know more.


  • Air Purifier
  • Drinking water purification
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Municipal water treatment
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Industrial gas purification
  • Petroleum refineries


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