Challenger Pressure Tanks / Pressure Vessels

We offer best quality, affordable medium size Challenger Pressure Tanks / Vessels, available in 10 bar rating and sizes from 60 to 450 litters. Challenger Pressure Tanks are ideally suit for wide range of applications, including water treatment systems, RO plant, irrigation systems, booster systems, heating expansion, hydraulic hammer arresting etc.

  • Patented CAD-2 diaphragm technology
  • Stainless steel water connection
  • Condensation reducing design
  • Two part polyurethane, epoxy primed paint finish
  • Leak free air valve cap sealed with closed cell foam
  • Comprehensive testing, No maintenance


Challenger™ Pressure Tanks offer Water Chamber, Patented Controlled Action Designs:

Efficient and cost effective, Challenger™ pressure tanks are designed with a patented controlled action CAD-2 diaphragm assembly. It features a chlorine resistant 100% butyl diaphragm with a precision molded copolymer polypropylene liner for superior air and water separation. The CAD-2 diaphragm assembly is clenched together with a positive lock internal clench ring which contains drawdown water in a pre-charged air atmosphere, thus providing separation between the diaphragm and tank wall. This “air buffer” design means few problems with condensation. Constructed with an FDA approved high grade butyl, the diaphragm assembly seals water in a true non-corrosive chamber.

On the exterior, the almond colored two part polyurethane paint finish over an epoxy undercoating provides hundreds of hours of UV and salt spray protection.

The air chamber is sealed with a fixed O-ring and closed cell foam and will provide many years of leak free and service free life.

Challenger™ pressure tanks are quality tested at several stages on the production line to insure the structural integrity of every tank.

Challenger™ pressure tanks are the best steel pressure vessels in the market today and represent the best value for the investment.

Best quality pressure tank, pressure vessels and water treatment equipment supplier in UAE.

  • Capacity: 60 – 450 liter
  • Maximum working pressure: 10 bar / 150 psi
  • Factory pre-charge: 1.4 bar / 20 psi
  • Maximum operating temperature: 90° C / 194° F




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