Advanced Multipurpose Ice Maker Machine

Ice Makers / Ice Making Machines are ideal choices, suitable for your home, offices, or even the commercial establishments you own, like office, restaurants, bars, and cafes. With our advanced icemakers, serving chilled beverages and soft drinks becomes a hassle-free process. Now treat your guests or customers with ice-cold food or drinks with the delightment of ice cubes, ice water, or crushed ice, instantly. We offer a most advanced 3-in-1 icemakers awaits you with the capability of making 16 pieces of ice cubes in just 8-12 minutes!

  • LCD Display
  • Dispense Ice Automatically
  • Auto Filling water
  • Ice Full alarming and deficient water alarming
  • Ice bullet warhead
  • Add water by Manual and automatic


We provide reliable and durable ice-making machines that you can enjoy for both household and commercial purposes. With a professional design and quality-driven ice-making machine, it is offering multi-functional tasks such as ice making, ice crushing, and dispensing cold water. Being the supplier of the best quality ice maker dispensers in Dubai, UAE, we are committed to making it easy for you to prepare ice especially as a remedy to the scorching heat and extreme climatic conditions.


  • Daily Ice Output: 15-18kg/24h
  • Ice Storage Capacity: 600g
  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 2L
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • 16 pcs of Ice Cube in: 8 – 12 Minutes
  • Gas: R600 A
  • Power Supply: 50 Hz
  • Watt: 150
  • Dimension: 340x450x453mm

3 in 1 Functionality

This ice making machine have both manual and auto water filling options for your choice. A soft touch on the ice initiates an ice-making function, while the puncher to the right gets you bullet-shaped ice cubes. Soft press the crushed ice button to enjoy crushed ice, and press the puncher at left for cold water. To ensure you experience a faster cooling process, there are branded compressors and big ventilation at both left and backside of the ice machine.

Assured Quality

HFC-free polyurethane maintains the ice quality. The air filter is highly cleanable and lets the users clean without investing in maintenance costs. The closed water circuit can protect against contamination and prevent impurities from entering the water or ice. The stainless steel finish and well-designed door handle ensure quality and hygiene.

Easy to Clean and Install

We adopt user-friendly measures, and the stainless steel build of the ice-making machine is easy to clean. It is easy to install, and you can keep this portable ice maker anywhere as per your use, like on the countertops in the kitchen, living room, offices, party halls, etc.

Excellent Ice Making Capacity

Our extraordinary ice makers are empowered with top-notch compressors that can cater to excellent refrigeration and contribute to noise-free ice-making operations. The ice makers are extremely energy efficient and have recirculating water tanks that avoid water wastage. Now keep yourselves and others fresh all day long with chilled drinks, beverages, or foods, and stay cool.

Advanced Sensor Technology

The advanced sensor technology lets ice dispensers automatically detect the operations with Infrared sensing and hence the ice doesn’t overflow. The see-through window can let you view the ice-making operations. The ice full alarming and water-deficient warning can warn you based on the water level in the tank.

Low Noise and Efficient Compressor

The ice makers produce the least noise, less than 35db due to efficient compressors, and automatically dispense ice cubes instantly. The LCD, soft push buttons, and see-through window add to the uniqueness of our multipurpose ice makers. Enjoy the production of 15-18kg ice in just 24 hours and get your ice needs satisfied with superior quality.


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