Activated Carbon Pellets

Activated Carbon plays a vital role in the process of chemical industries, research centers, toxicology centers, water treatment plants, sewage exhaust and gas purifications. Activated Carbon can remove odour, chemical toxic gas, smoke and fumes. We supplies various forms of Activated Carbon products as Coconut shell based activated carbon, Wood based and Coal based activated carbons. Granular Activated Carbon is one of the best tools which can be used to reduce risks to human health and provide an aesthetically pleasing product at reasonable cost.


Drinking water purifier, Air Purifier, Commercial and Industrial RO Plants, Municipal water treatment, Agricultural Applications, Food and Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical Injections, Soft drink plant for de-chlorination, Industrial gas purification, Petroleum refineries etc.


Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon also known as activated charcoal is a porous material that effectively captures and hold materials. Activated Carbon are widely used to purify liquids, gases, drinking water, food, beverage processing, odour removal, industrial pollution control and can be applied to unending number of applications.

Activated Carbon comes in many forms and is produced by processing carbonaceous materials like coal, wood, coconut husks in high temperatures to create a porous structure. We offer Activated charcoal in various forms like powdered, granular, pellets or even in liquid form which makes it suitable for specific applications. It can be either used alone or with combination of other technologies.


Activated Carbon features variety of characteristics, the pore structure of the activated carbon is the result of the source material and the method production. This porous structure allows absorption of materials. Hardness abrasion is also the key factor, many applications require the carbon to have high particle strength and a resistant to breakdown the materials. The absorptive capacity, rate of absorptions and overall effectiveness makes it the most desirable material. An ideal activated carbon’s moisture content must fall within 3-6% and the ash content of the carbon increases as the as content decreases.


The absorb components from liquid or gas lends to thousands of applications across and some of the primary uses of activated carbon are listed below. Activated charcoal can be used to take away contaminations from water, effluent or drinking water. Water purification also includes treating municipal water purification, in-home water filters, treatment of water from industrial processing sites, ground water remediation and many more.

Activated charcoal is also used in air treatment systems, which includes applications in face mask, in-home air purification system, odour reduction / removal and removal of harmful pollutants from gas and other industrial sites.

GAC Filter Cartridges

Air Filter

Emissions from various interior components of automobiles as well as emissions from exhaust fumes carried by ventilation supply air significant sources of harmful air pollutants that could lead to unhealthy human exposure due to their high concentrations inside vehicles. Activated Carbon pellets can absorb smelly odours and exhaust fumes before they enter inside the vehicle.

Chemicals, smog, ozone, fumes from the cooking, pet dander and tobacco can cause allergy to an asthmatic. Activated Carbon does an outstanding performance in odour control, toxin removal and chemical fumes.

asthmatic can also used in recovery process of precious metals like gold and silver. It is also used in food and beverage industry for remove undesirable components like odour, taste, colour etc… Activated Carbon is also used in medical industry for treating various ailments and poisonings.

Activated Carbon Pellets Suppliers and Exporters in Dubai, UAE

Activated Carbon is an incredibly diverse material which lends itself to numerous applications. We are the leading Granular Activated Carbon Pellet supplier and exporter in Dubai, UAE. For more information feel free to contact us.


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