Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon Filters play a vital role in the Chemical industries, Food industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Air purifications, Drinking water treatment systems, Sewage treatment and Gas purification plants. Activated Carbon Filter can removes odour, colour, chemical toxic gas, smoke and fumes up to 99%.

We supplies high grade Activated Carbon Filters that provides in variety of forms, sizes and pore structures. We can  provide wide range of cost effective Activated Carbon products which can customized for your application processes.


Activated Carbon Filters are generally employed to remove organic elements or to extract free chlorine from the water. Eliminating humic and fulvic acids from water prevents chlorine from reacting with acids forming carcinogens. The tap water has commonly contains many contaminations and chemicals which can have adverse effects on health. Activated carbon can suck out hundreds of chemicals and contaminations from the water. Recent study claims sixty to eighty chemicals can be removed by using activated carbon in water filtration systems. The quality and form of Activated Carbon determines how effectively treat contaminations and chemicals from the water.

Advantages of Activated Carbon Filtration system

Everyone knows large quantities of pesticides are used in agricultural industries to keep the pests at bay. These pesticides end up landing in fresh water sources like rivers, ponds and ground water. These pesticides filled water end up landing in tap water. So, no matter how effectively the water will be filtered. It is proved that Activated Carbon can remove as many as 14 variants of pesticides like chlordecone, chlordane, lindane etc…

Carbon filters are used to remove the odour of chlorine that is infused in drinking water. Activated carbon is capable of making the tap water safe to up to 95%. Chlorine bi-products like THMs which are potentially dangerous. A study shows that Activated Carbon can remove up to 32 by-products of chlorine.

High amounts of nitrates can cause problems like methemoglobinemia which happens due to the lack of oxygen. Around 50 – 70 % of nitrate can be removed from water when Activated Carbon is used for water filtration system.

How Activated Carbon Filter Works

The main way through which Activated Carbon filters works is by absorption. As liquid or gas comes in to contact with activated carbon the intermolecular forces draw the molecules to the pores and pockets present on the surface of the carbon. During the process of absorption all the organic compounds in the medium are soaked up like a sponge to water. The pores found on the surface of the filter helps trap the contaminations. Carbon filter systems are labelled depending on its absorption potential. Carbon filters leaves no traces of carbon in the filtered medium.

Activated Carbon also facilitates chemical reactions. When chlorine comes to contact with activated carbon, it reacts to form chloride ions which effectively removes chlorine.

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