8 Inches RO Membrane Pressure Vessels

We offer 8” Membrane Pressure Housing / Pressure Vessels suitable for industrial and commercial RO water treatment plants with highest quality standards. Applicable for municipal water treatment plants, industrial water processing, food and beverages industry, automotive applications, health care water projects and more.

  • Credible simple configuration
  • High strength and durable FRP shell
  • Polyurethane outer coating provides extra protection from environment
  • ABS permeate adaptor
  • Insert plastic permeate port material
  • SS 316 three turn spiral lock ring for easy head assembly
  • One piece moulded lock thrust cone design reduces pressure drop with highest water flow


8” Membrane Vessel / Housing Specifications

  • Available pressure ratings (psi): 150, 300, 450, 600, 1000, 1200
  • Shell Material: FRP
  • Length (No. of. Elements): 1 to 8

Product Range

  • End port
  • Side port
  • MOC – SS316 – duplex & super duplex

Side port

  • Feed/ Concentrate Port Connection:
  • 1.5” (Standard), 2”MC and 2.5” MC, 3”MC
  • 2 side ports are offered
  • Permeate Port Connection: 1 /2” NPT/ BSP

End Port

  • Feed/ Concentrate Port Connection:
  • 3/4” or 1/2” FNPT or BSP PVC for 300 and 450 psi tubes
  • 3/4” MNPT duplex steel for 1000 psi tubes
  • Permeate Port Connection: 1 /2” NPT/ BSP


FRP membrane pressure vessels are produced from spools of fiberglass fiber and held together by a specific grade of epoxy resin that is cured at elevated temperatures. The manufacturing process is computer controlled with each strand of glass fiber placed at a specific location and orientation to achieve optimum strength. The glass fiber and resin mixture is wound around a precision-machined mandrill, which accounts for the perfectly circular, defect free interior of today’s RO vessels. The vessels are often painted white to reduce light transmission through the vessel to minimize growth of algae and other biological concerns.

8” RO membrane pressure vessels / membrane housings are specially made from high grade composite material for ensuring longer service life and durability. Our membrane pressure vessels are available at very affordable with market selling rates. We provide a wide range of 8″ and 4″ RO housings, manufactured by leading brands in membrane and FRP Pressure vessels in the world.


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