7-Stage RO Drinking Water Purifier

We offer advanced 7-Stage, 100 GPD (Gallons per Day) water purifier for drinking and cooking needs. This RO system used most advanced 7-stage technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet Sterilization, Mineralization and pH balancing.  Our advanced RO purifier offers you a fresh and healthy water from the tap. It can reduce the risk of hypertension or blood pressure problems by having low sodium in the drinking water. Pure and filtered water brings you good health and better life. Buy the best quality drinking and cooking water purifiers from a leading supplier in Dubai for your home is the best gift to your family.

  • 7-stage purification that removes all impurities and toxins to give you high-quality water
  • Eliminates more than 95% of minerals and metals
  • No more limescale build-up in water
  • Neutralizes terrible taste and foul smell from the water


The 7-Stage RO Drinking Purifier gives you one of the purest and most healthy water available today. It gives you a solution for all drinking water related problems in your city. This RO Drinking Water Purifier makes water refreshing, great tasting, keeps you hydrated and improves your body’s metabolism. It can maintain the natural balance of key body organs, while keeping you healthy and energized.

We redefine hydration by bringing you the latest in drinking water purification technology. Our 100 GPD RO Drinking Water Purifiers go beyond quenching your thirst – they deliver pure, refreshing water that you can trust. Explore the key features that make our best quality water purifiers the top choice for those who prioritize health and hydration.7 Stages Water Purification

Advanced Filtration for Pure Perfection

Experience water in its purest form with our state-of-the-art filtration technology. Our RO Drinking Water Purifiers are equipped to eliminate contaminants such as chlorine, sediments, heavy metals, and more, ensuring every sip is a step towards a healthier you.

Healthful Hydration

Prioritize your well-being with water that’s not just hydrating but also free from impurities. Our RO Water Purifiers are designed to provide water that tastes as nature intended, making hydration a delightful and healthful experience.


Say goodbye to bulky water purifiers. Our compact and sleek designs fit seamlessly into any kitchen under sink or office space. Elevate your environment with a purifier that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

User-Friendly Operation

Our advanced RO Drinking Water Purifiers are designed for easy use. Enjoy hassle-free operation with intuitive features, making access to pure water as simple as turning on the tap.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Our water purifiers are engineered for efficiency, providing high-performance filtration without draining your budget. Save money in the long run by investing in a solution that not only improves your health but also reduces the need for bottled water.

WaterBerrys RO Water Purifier

Eco-Friendly Hydration

Join the movement towards sustainability with our eco-friendly purifiers. By choosing our 100 GPD RO Drinking Water Purifier, you contribute to a greener planet by minimizing plastic waste and lowering your carbon footprint.

Trusted by Discerning Customers

Many UAE customers have chosen our advanced RO Drinking Water Purifiers for their domestic drinking and cooking needs. Our reputation is built on reliability, innovation, and a commitment to delivering prompt water purifier installation and services that exceed expectations.

RO Drinking Water Purifier Installation and Services in Dubai

Elevate your hydration experience with our RO Drinking Water Purifiers. Discover the joy of pure, crisp water that not only quenches your thirst but also nourishes your body. Take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle, contact us today to find the perfect drinking water purifier for your home or office in Dubai.


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