Domestic RO Drinking Water Purifier

Looking for an advanced Drinking Water Purifier for your domestic needs? We offer the best quality water purification systems for your villa or apartment in Dubai. Our 5-stage RO system ensures the availability of hygienic water suitable for drinking and cooking. The RO system can remove complete chemicals, nickel, iron, bacteria, dissolved salts and other harmful materials from the water and providing you the clear and quality fresh water. This design ensures that it can be installing anywhere in the kitchen under the sink. This makes the RO purifier a great option for many households that may face a shortage of clean drinking water. We provide various types of advanced Drinking water purifiers and water filters for various applications in UAE.

  • 5-stage purification process that purifies water fit for drinking
  • 5-Stage RO Purifier with faucet and storage tank
  • Under sink installation
  • Eliminates more than 95% of minerals and metals


Benefits of Installing RO Water Purifier for Home

No contaminants

The tap water may contain a lot of impurities and chemicals. Water purifier can make it fit for drinking in the existing state. It helps transform impure and polluted water into good quality water that is safe for drinking and cooking.

Improved taste

RO system can remove all foul taste and odour completely. As a result, your loved ones can easily consume the water without feeling the bad odour or poor taste. The RO water purification systems can completely change the taste and smell, so that it is good enough for drinking purposes.

Multiple levels of purification

The water treatment process takes the water through multiple levels of purification. As a result, the water is rendered fit for drinking and cooking. A water filter provides you clean water for various needs without the risks of contaminants affecting health.

Balanced pH in the water

A balanced pH level in water signifies the right mix of alkalinity and acidity in water. Such pH level in water helps to regulate the metabolic process. This makes it the right source to quench our thirst and maintain cell-level health in the body.WaterBerrys RO Water Purifier

5 Stages of Water Purification

Stage 1: Pre-filtration
Removed 5-Micron Sediment filter removes large particles of dust, rust, silt, scale and other sediments from the water.

Stage 2: Removal of Chlorine and organic chemicals
Activated Carbon cartridge removes all organic pollutants like Chlorine, pesticides, herbicides and unpleasant taste from the water.

Stage 3: Removal of bad taste and odour:
Carbon Block Cartridge removes dust, rust, silt, scale and suspended particles and many organic solvents and improves the taste and odor of water.

Stage 4: Removal of excessive salts & contaminants (RO)
A Thin film composite RO Membrane separates totally dissolved harmful metals, minerals, TDS, and chemicals that polluted in the water.

Stage 5: Remineralization and pH balancing
Ensures Alkaline filter process to re-mineralise pure water making water at a healthy PH level.5 Stages RO Purification System

Install an advanced 5-Stage RO Drinking Water Purifier for your home in Dubai. This multi-stage RO water filtration system can install either side of the cabinet or under the kitchen sink, suitable for your villa, apartment and offices in Dubai.

Drinking purified Water is one of most essential things that keep us healthy life. Our RO system uses the advanced technology in purification where the water is filtered in multi stages and each stage has its unique designed task to purify thro service water to an even greater level. You can enjoy safe and purified water from the faucet / tap.


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