3-Stage Water Filter System for Home

Unlock your comfort of getting access to the hygienic, clean and filtered water at your home with our 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter System in Dubai, and feel clean and odorless water throughout your home with no compromise in the water pressure. Get it connected to your main water line, enjoy the cleanest and healthy water through all the water dispensers – toilets, baths, showers, faucets, kitchen, laundry, to ensure protection and utmost comfort to your family!

  • Reduces chlorine taste and odour
  • Filters dirt and sediment
  • Softens your water
  • Reduces ferrous iron
  • Feel the softness of your skin and hair
  • Make your dishes sparkle and shine


You may choose to live in a home with a hard water supply for your daily needs. This would turn out to be complex, expensive, and risky at the same time. When groundwater passes through the water pipes at your home, both dissolved particles and minerals mix up with the heat. They leave a build-up, which eventually spoils your pipes, destroys the fixture, and ultimately causes damages to the home appliances.

The tap water may not safe to consume directly since it is stored in dirt-prone tanks and has numerous impurities including chemicals like chlorine, iron and magnesium. It is necessary to protect your family, especially children, from the contaminated water and get rid of the unwanted salts or minerals. Our 3-stage Whole House Water Filter in Dubai can purify and soften the water by removing the impurities and sediments, making it safe to consume.

Daily Chores Made Easy with 3-Stage Water Filter for Your Home in Dubai

Hard water constitutes toxic chemicals and hard minerals like Calcium and Magnesium in huge quantities. These constituents are difficult to dissolve and don’t let the soap lather up, making washing clothes extremely inconvenient. Hard water leaves irresistible scum while washing clothes that make the task cumbersome. Nevertheless, boiling hard water can cause hard deposits of Magnesium, Nickel, etc. to settle down in hot water pipes and kettles. However, installing a Whole House Water Filtration System at homes has made softening of hard water easier than ever. With our advanced water filter system for villas, the mineral deposits are eliminated, making water beneficial and comfortable for laundry, washing, consumption, shower, etc.Water Filter for Home Features

High-end Purification of Water

The Whole House Water Filter for Homes in Dubai can be utilized to implement the purification and water softening process with a prompt elimination of harmful contaminants including minerals, rust, dust, sediments, etc. Hard water, being highly filled with sediments and minerals, can clog pipes, leave water spots while washing clothes in water, or even destroy the water appliances by minimizing the performance of your water heater. Our Whole House Water Filter can stimulate water purification at your homes and can be connected easily from the tank to the main pipeline.

3-Stage water purification process

When it comes to water filter for home Dubai, it can promptly remove specific contaminants from the water depending upon your needs. The Carbon filter can remove chlorine and chloramines effectively from water. The 3-stage water purification process is as follows:

Stage 1: Eliminates sediments, dirt and dissolved particles
Stage 2: Avoids chlorine and metals to enhance the undesirable taste and odor
Stage 3: Removes toxic chemicals like Iron, to make water softWhole House Water Purifier Dubai

Quality Assurance with 3-Stage Filtration

The 3-stage water filter for home Dubai offers a perfect point of entry mechanism to filter and clean ground water, well water, municipal water, etc. In contrast with the point of use or reverse osmosis systems deployed for water supply to a particular faucet, our Whole house water filter system for homes initiates water filtration right from the source.

Water from each output at your home will be passed through the three stages of filtration. The whole house water filter can let your water get rid of heavy metals and harmful sediments with the 3-stages of water filtration system. With the Triple Filtration System, you can utilize the water free from more than 80 various contaminants which include Iron, Chlorine, Mercury, Lead, etc. making it healthiest and cleanest for consumption.

Unique Features of 3-Stage Water Filter System

  • Soft, fresh and glowing skin
  • Silky and smooth hair
  • A smooth shower contributes to less hair fall and hair damage
  • Soft and shining clothes
  • No spots on clothes after laundry
  • Least energy consumption of water heaters
  • Water safe to drink and rid of heavy metals


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