Water Softener

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  • Whole House Water Filters Dubai

    Whole House Water Softener and Filter can softening water, removes minerals and protect your hair, skin, also prevents formation of scale deposits in your households. The Whole House Water Filtration System connects to the main tank of your home or villa and prevents harmful contaminated from the tap water before entering your home. You can enjoy soft and purified water for shower, laundry, washing vegetables and other uses.

    • Safer pure water for your entire home
    • Softer skin and healthy hair
    • Less soap and shampoo uses
    • Cleaner, shinier dishes and cutlery
    • Softer and clean clothes
    • Save money and energy costs
    • Preserves the life of all household appliances
  • Whole House Water Filtration System for Villa Dubai

    Water is not safe direct from the tank, because it may contains dirty things including chlorine or other contaminants. Protect your family and kids from unsafe dirty water with an advanced Whole Villa Water  Filtration System and Softener. It can Purify all incoming water to your home.

    Water Filter & Softener for Your Whole Home and Family!

    • Reduces chlorine taste and odour
    • Filters dirt and sediment
    • Softens your water
    • Reduces ferrous iron
    • Feel the softness of your skin & hair
    • Make your dishes sparkle and shine

Benefits of Installing Water Softener for Your Home in Dubai

Hard water and soft water are the terms used to describe the mineral content of the water. Though most people give no importance to understanding the difference between hard and soft water. The nature of the water impacts many areas of life.

Benefits of Soft Water

Hard water is formed when water is filtered through deposits of minerals like limestone, chalk, or gypsum; which are made up of calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates, and sulfates. Thus, hard water contains a high amount of these minerals. After all, these minerals are not harmful to ingest one might wonder why these must be removed. Soft water has many advantages and listed here are few benefits.

Soft Water Protects Home

Hard water is filled with harsh minerals that corrode the plumbing line of the house. Whereas; soft water is gentle resulting in less strain on the entire plumbing system thus increase the lifespan of the plumbing fixtures. Soft water reduces the amount of time and effort involved in maintaining the plumbing system. Soft water not only increases the life of pipes and plumbing fixtures, but it also increases the lifespan of appliances that are used with water like dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers, etc..

Cleans More Efficiently

Water is the most vital ingredient when it comes to cleaning, be it washing clothes, dishes, or cleaning countertops. When the water is filled with mineral deposits the result is less effective. Hard water creates soap scum, making it less effective while cleaning.

Soft water, is far better in producing lather and the lather makes cleaning more effective. By switching to soft water, the process of cleaning becomes more easier and cheaper. Soft water leaves fabric softer and whiter.

Filtered Soft Water for Skin and Hair

Hard water causes skin and hair dryness and on prolonged usage one can notice hair becomes life-less and skin becomes dry and scratchy. Water Softener can adjust pH level of water and makes the skin and hair soft, clean and shiny. Less hair fall and hair damage during the shower.

Soft Water Helps Protect Environment

Soft water heats more efficiently than hard water, which in turn uses less energy, this, in turn, results in less greenhouse gas emission. As a bonus one can enjoy lower electricity bills.

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