Activated Carbon Suppliers

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  • Burton Activated Carbon Cartridge

    Activated Carbon Filters play a vital role in the Chemical industries, Food industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Air purifications, Drinking water treatment systems, Sewage treatment and Gas purification plants. Activated Carbon Filter can removes odour, colour, chemical toxic gas, smoke and fumes up to 99%.

    We supplies high grade Activated Carbon Filters that provides in variety of forms, sizes and pore structures. We can  provide wide range of cost effective Activated Carbon products which can customized for your application processes.

  • Activated Carbon Supplier Dubai

    Activated Carbon plays a vital role in the process of chemical industries, research centers, toxicology centers, water treatment plants, sewage exhaust and gas purifications. Activated Carbon can remove odour, chemical toxic gas, smoke and fumes. We supplies various forms of Activated Carbon products as Coconut shell based activated carbon, Wood based and Coal based activated carbons. Granular Activated Carbon is one of the best tools which can be used to reduce risks to human health and provide an aesthetically pleasing product at reasonable cost.


    Drinking water purifier, Air Purifier, Commercial and Industrial RO Plants, Municipal water treatment, Agricultural Applications, Food and Beverage Industry, Pharmaceutical Injections, Soft drink plant for de-chlorination, Industrial gas purification, Petroleum refineries etc.

  • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

    Coconut Shell Activated Carbon is the one of the cost effective solution for removing a wide range of contaminants.
    Some of the benefits of Coconut Shell based Activated Carbon are de-chlorination of water, produce better taste of water, removal of bad odors, removal of colour from the water, removes organic substances and more. We supply custom designed Activated Carbon products for specific customer applications.

    We offer best quality Coconut Shell Activated Carbon suite for water treatment and air purification applications.

  • Granular Activated Carbon Dubai

    Activated Carbon is one of the most cost effective solutions that is used for removal of wide range of contaminants. Activated Carbon is very effective for removal of chlorine, organic gasses, kills the bacteria and makes better taste and odor of drinking water.

    We deliver superior quality Activated Carbon products suitable for food and beverage, water treatment industry, pharmaceutical, gas and environmental safety applications.

  • Granular Activated Carbon Filters Dubai

    Granular Activated Carbon Filters are used to remove contaminations through the method of absorption. During the process of absorption all the organic chemicals in the medium are soaked up like a sponge from the water. Providing pure, fresh and odorless drinking water. Activated Carbon Filters are extremely porous and have large surface area which makes them an effective filtering method that reduces bad odour, taste and other particles in the water.

    • Chlorine Removal
    • Pesticides and Insecticides Removal
    • Organic Chemicals Removal
    • Bad Taste and Odour Removal