Water Chillers & Water Coolers

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  • 5 Tap Stainless Steel Water Cooler Dubai

    We offer the most innovative and high-on-demand Five tap Stainless Steel Water Coolers designed to be effectively utilized under tropical humid climates of Middle East countries. This energy-efficient water cooling solutions can let you stay rejuvenated and super-active all day long, with ease of access to pure, safe, and hygienic cold water. Our exceptional water coolers can endure extreme humidity and keep you hydrated, thereby contributing to good bowel movement and active body functioning. We cater to the domestic and commercial water cooling requirements, and supply power-efficient 5-tap water coolers to our trusted customers across Dubai, UAE.

    Suitable for factories, offices, schools, university, hospitals, mosque, parks, labor camps etc.

  • 4 Tap Stainless Steel Water Cooler Dubai

    Being one of the most trusted suppliers of tropicalized water coolers in Dubai, UAE, we offer versatile water cooling solutions that can let you keep your body hydrated all the time under extreme temperature rise. We provide top-notch water coolers that are specially developed to confront the impact of the humid climate that exists in tropical countries, with the availability of cool and hygienic water round the clock.

    Our 4-tap water cooling system consists of copper tubing that surrounds the tank which is enveloped with an Aluminium conductive material to make the heat transfer mechanism smooth and hassle-free. Whether it be a gathering, meeting, or your purposes, our energy-efficient water coolers can let you experience outstanding cooling solutions anywhere anytime. With high-end cooling technology and excellent quality build, our coolers dispense safe, clean, and hygienic chilled water as an ultimate solution to your healthy life. Suitable for factories, offices, schools, university, hospitals, mosque, parks, labor camps etc.

  • 2 Tap Water Cooler Dispenser Dubai

    We are offering the best-in-industry Water coolers, strive to flourish global supply and lay the benchmark in delivering innovative solutions with adherence latest technologies.
    We deliver the most promising and exceptional range of 2-Taps Stainless steel water coolers that fulfill the necessities for high cooling capacity dispensers, specially designed for offices, labor camps and other commercial places in Dubai, UAE.

    Our water coolers can endure high temperature and humidity, which ensure that an ample supply of cold and hygienic water. We deploy outstanding functionalities to the coolers such as PUF insulation, heavy-duty compressors, and CFC-free refrigerant systems that can save power, support environment-friendly operations, and let the coolness last long to exceed your expectations. The compact design and anti-corrosive properties, help us deploy energy-efficient and sustainable solutions to the water coolers in Dubai, UAE.

  • Stainless Steel 3 Tap Water Cooler Dubai

    We adopt a bespoke approach in providing best quality, power-efficient water coolers that meet global standards and ensure an eye for detail considering the ultimate water cooling solutions. Our affordable, stylish, and safe water coolers offer you a smart cooling solutions for offices, schools, mosque, parks, labor camps etc.

    We maintain strict measures to keep in line with the most modern technological trends and offer the best cooling solutions with ultimate commitment in fulfilling the need for a permanent solution against the unbearable heat in hot weather. This  3-Tap Stainless steel water coolers are specially designed to bear extreme temperature and humor conditions. Being the supplier of the best water coolers across Dubai, UAE, we make sure that you get adequate cold and clean water, anytime. The water cooler and water dispenser systems are coming with 5-year warranty and let you experience utmost comfort with the innovation and adoption of the latest stylish design.
    Available in 35 Gallon, 45 Gallon and 65 Gallon capacities.

  • Water Chiller for Water Tanks

    We provide the best quality Water Tank Chiller installation services across UAE, with different capacities available as per the client requirements. Suitable for large or small villas, hotels, restaurants, laundries, spa, salon etc. With fully automatic circulation water cooling system which can be cool up to 2,000 Gallon tank water. The low maintenance and high efficiency system can ensure that cold water anytime.

    • Ideal for villas, homes, restaurants, spa, salon etc.
    • No disturbance to existing plumbing systems
    • Easy to install
    • Compact and portable
    • Adjustable time-delay switch
  • Tank Water Cooling System

    We offer the best quality Cold water management system supply and installation for Villa or Homes in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi at an affordable price. Our overhead Water Tank Cooler / Water Chiller has a fully automatic circulation water cooling system that can be cool up to 2,000 Gallon tank water temperature.

    • Ideal for villas, homes, restaurants, labor camps, spas etc..
    • No disturbance to existing plumbing systems
    • Easy to install
    • Compact and portable
    • Easy access for maintenance and installation
    • Adjustable time-delay switch