Water Softener for Skin Dubai

The Best Water Softener System for Your Hair and Skin

Hard water is when it with hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium are present in the water high quantity.

Have you ever noticed that water from different regions has a different result on hair and skin? Sometimes your skin might look glowy, lustrous or it might look dull and lifeless. This is because of the different quality of water present in different regions.

Water which can makes your hair and skin dull and lifeless because the water it contains a high percentage of hard minerals and chemicals.

Effect on skin

Your skin can have a direct and fast impact on what were are putting on it or exposing it to. Harsh chemicals ruin the pH balance of the skin along with extracting away the natural oils of the skin. This leaves our skin dry, flaky and dull.

Water Softener System

Effect on hair

Your hair is very sensitive when it comes to the quality of water they have been washed with. You can instantly notice dryness and frizziness in your hair after a wash when it washed with hard water.

It is very difficult to achieve a thorough rinse due to the presence of hard minerals in the water which leads to the development of a residue on our scalp. Hair loss, thinning of hair, fading of color-treated hair, frizziness, etc are some of the symptoms of hard water.

Solution for hard water

Hard water can be immensely damaging to your skin and hair if not taken care of. Installing a Water Softening System in your home in Dubai, is the best way to achieve soft hair and skin. Water softeners reduce the percentage of hard minerals present in your water and hence the results after exposing your skin and hair to softened water are shiny, lustrous and healthy!

WaterBerrys RO Water Purifier

How to choose the best water softener

Saltwater Softener

Traditionally salts have been used for the treatment of hard water. In this process, the hard minerals present in the water are replaced by sodium.
Water treated with saltwater softener has a slick feeling to it which helps to balance the pH level of the skin, leaving it hydrated and healthy. These softeners require the refilling of salt occasionally.

Salt-free water Softener
Salt- free water softeners do not use salts to soften the water instead they neutralize the minerals present in the water so that they don’t stick to anything and hence avoid the buildup.

However, these Water Softeners have not performed as good as saltwater softeners as they don’t have a slick texture to it which is much preferred by the people as it makes their hair and skin look more healthy and shiny. These water filters need to be replaced from time to time. To protect your skin and hair from hard water, find a Water Softener supplier in Dubai and install the best brand Whole house water purifier for your villa or apartment.

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