Skin Care with Soft Water

How Hard Water Effects on Your Skin and Hair?

Hard water is basically water that contains high amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium. The excess minerals clog the plumbing system and leave soap scum on all the surfaces after rinsing, residues build up even on hair and skin causing dry irritated skin and scalp.

Signs of Hard water

Stains on the clothes even after washing might be due to hard water. One can also observe the formation of soap scum on the skin; due to the reaction of soap and calcium present in the water. Spots on the utensils, taps, clogged shower can also be due to hard water.

What Hard Water can do to Hair

Minerals in hard water get deposited in the hair and these deposits make the hair feel sticky, dirty and may even weigh down. Hard water can also be a reason for split ends and breakage of hair.

The high amount of iron in hard water acts as an oxidizer that causes colour-treated hair to fade too easily and quickly. This leads to the frequent colouring of hair. Prolonged usage of hard water and shampoo on hair makes it dry and strips away natural oils produced by the hair to moisturize the scalp. This causes hair to become frizzy, dull and tangles that eventually become difficult to manage. Built-up minerals clog the pores in the scalp arresting the growth of the hair and accelerate hair fall. Many experience hair thinning due to hard water.


What Hard water can do to the Skin

Minerals like calcium and magnesium build soap scums on the skin too as it does in the pipes and utensils. This soap scum residue clogs the skin pores and this in turn, can lead to breakouts and worsen skin conditions like acne and eczema. Clogged skin pores disturb natural oil production of the skin and the trapped oils are the main reason behind blemishes like pimples and zits formation. Minerals in hard water strip the moisture from the skin making it feel dry and itchy. Softening the water is a best solution. A water softener can remove hardness of water by removing the minerals and chemicals from the water and makes your skin soft and clean.

Hard water also makes the skin age faster, impurities in hard water like iron, magnesium damages the free radicals damaging healthy skin cells. Damages skin cells cause a breakdown of collagen; a structural protein for healthy glowing skin, leaving it with fine lines and wrinkles.

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