Alkaline Water Health Benefits

How Alkaline Water Boosts Your Immune System

As the world continues to adapt to live with new viruses and approval of new vaccines has raised hope, it is now extensively realised boosting immunity is one way to avoid being infected by viruses. One of the simplest ways to improve your immunity is by consuming Alkaline Water.

Alkaline Water has high pH levels. Excessive amounts of toxic compounds in the body leads to weakness and makes the internal organs work extra hard to maintain biological functions. Maintaining and balancing the pH level in the body helps a person stay healthy. This can be achieved by consuming alkaline water.

Enhances Hydration

Studies prove that Alkaline Water offers greater hydration than the regular water. As many people suffer from dehydration, especially people in warmer climates, drinking alkaline water is one of the effective ways to hydrate the body.

Flushes Toxins Out of the System

Alkaline Water neutralizes all the toxic compounds. Alkaline water can be easily absorbed by the body and flushes out harmful substances and toxins out of the system more easily. It also accelerates and improves blood circulation and oxygen to vital organs of the body. Alkaline water also hampers the growth of free radicals which in turn slows down the ageing process of the body.Drink Alkaline Water Benefits

Alters the Quality of Blood

Alkaline Water is high in essential minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium along with traces of copper and zinc. First ailment like unwanted stomach acid or bile that causes acid reflux, chest burns are cleared out immediately by consuming alkaline water. Right amount of alkaline water prevents osteoporosis and protects pancreatic beta cells. Alkaline water strengthens the immune system by fighting against the pathogens responsible for diseases. Alkaline water alters the quality of blood in such a way that more oxygen is carried to vital organs. This makes the immune system stronger to fight off the pathogens and infections.

Make Your Own Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water can be made at home very easily. Take a litre of filtered water, make sure to see the pH value set to 6.5 or 7. One juicy lemon and one and a half table spoon of salt. In a pitcher squeeze half a lemon and slice the other half and add to the pitcher with water. Add salt and stir well, let this mixture sit over night or at least seven to eight hours. One can have this water at their convenience within eight to nine hours.

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