Burj Khlaiffa

Dubai Real Estate

Dubai is growing high in the field of real estate and attracting the world to invest in Dubai properties. Due to immense growth and development of Dubai in the real estate market and by the world noted land mark developments, Dubai’s real estate market is in the top of the property development through out the world. Dubai real estate has become the important part of the Worlds real estate market by the construction of famous Burj Khlaiffa, Palm Jumeirah etc. Dubai is famous in the construction of gigantic skyscrapers and world wonders and became the top in the property market.

Current survey in the real estate field reveals that billions of dollars are invested in much small and major property construction in Dubai. Dubai real estate experienced this boom in 2002 when the Government of Dubai allowed ownership of Dubai properties to foreigners. Hence foreigners can buy freehold properties in selected areas and have residence visa for the buyer and his immediate family members.

Guaranteed return is the main attraction to invest in real estate field. World class infrastructure and super amenities makes Dubai properties the most luxurious properties around the world. Compared to the real estate markets of UK and USA, Dubai properties prices are reasonable and are returnable and hence foreigners are making Dubai their home after home. There is also a wide variety of property type from apartments in skyscrapers, villas, beach side apartments and homes, luxurious and regular flats and villas. With this wide variety of property types Dubai can satisfy accommodation or business needs of its clients according to their requirement. Thus Dubai became the perfect and final destination for residents, jobseekers, holidaymakers and investors worldwide. Due to the emerging popularity of Dubai properties among the investors, The Dubai real estate reaches the top in the coming years too.

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